Dearest Olivia,

Happy Birthday my darling daughter.



It feels just like yesterday when we celebrated your first birthday. So much has happened since and how much and fast you have grown and matured!

Your favourite food of all time is seaweed. So we celebrated your birthday at a Japanese restaurant. You will constantly ask for seaweed all day long… You go through sheets and sheets of seaweed.

You speak a lot now. Asking where, stating your demands, pleading (please, please, please). The number of words you know still amazes me. You can’t really say the ‘k’ sound yet… so instead of come, you say ‘tum’, instead of school you say stool. But we understand you well enough.

Suddenly, you have become camera shy, refusing to look at the camera. As soon as I take my camera out to take your picture, you will turn away.


Occasionally, I get lucky, and get some photos of you.


And this is your signature smile when we tell you to smile for the camera.


You are so much fun, and such a joy to be with… Well, most of the time. Since you can be quite demanding now.

I love you my darling.