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Today is Sunday May 19, 2019
  • Dinner Conversation – On Placing Bets

    Me: His name is MAD.
    Mum: Who would name their dog MAD?!
    Me: Aunty J names her dog MAD. Maybe it’s Med or Mac.
    Sis: It’s Med.
    Me: Lets place our bets then. I bet 50 cents.
    Mum: I’ll bet 50 cents too. His name is Mac.
    Me: Mum, you have to bet RM50.00.
    Sis: Ok. I am sending a text message to confirm the answer. And my bet is, his name is Med. And I bet RM5.00.

    While waiting for the results…

    Mum: So what happens if I win? You have to pay me RM50.00?
    Me: If you win the bet, you get the money from the ‘pool’. Your RM50.00, my 50 cents, and Karen Kow’s RM5.00. Total = RM55.50.
    Mum: Then what if you win the bet?
    Me: If either Karen Kow or me win the bet – then we get the total sum from the ‘pool’. RM55.50.
    Mum: What if none of us are correct?
    Me: Then we divide the total in the ‘pool’ amongst the 3 of us, but of course!

    Simultaneously; Karen Kow snorts. Mum chokes on her food. And I almost laugh myself in to a heart attack.

    I love setting the rules!

    And the winner? Karen Kow. The dog’s name is MED.

  • Little Sister

    Li Lian: Send me your favourite photo… So that I can put it on my website.

    Karen: Why?

    Li Lian: What do you mean WHY?! As if the reason that you’re MY FAVOURITE SISTER! is not enough?

    And this is what she sent me:

    Things I call my sister: Smallest smallie, Skinniest Bean and MY FAVOURITE SISTER.

    I do love her so.