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Today is Sunday May 19, 2019
  • My 31st

    Was probably one of the most scorching days this week.

    Now officially in my 30’s… Last year – I had just turned 30.

    My birthday was only a thought at the back of my mind because I really wasn’t planning anything special.

    And I had some wonderful friends wishing me well – and this thoughtful gesture truly touched me. I guess I must be special enough to have my friends remembering my birthday. And of course there was Facebook… and I got more well wishes.

    Starting now – I am going to try to remember as many birthdays that I can and make it a point to wish all my friends!

    And my mum sent me a lovely text; “Hi. Good morning birthday girl. It’s your birthday today so how would you like to celebrate? Happy Birthday and may God bless you always. Love you always, Mummy Bean.”

    And my girlfriends, Wendy and Dawn, got me the cutest cake which they say is so ‘me’.

    And I got to speak to my favourite sister! She’s been gone for too long now – and we’ve been emailing, and today when I spoke to her (first time since she left a couple of weeks ago) I felt like I missed her even more – if that was even possible. I may have been close to tears.

    Finally – can you see what I am holding in my hands? My birthday present from Sweet V. Almost had me in tears, and I would’ve cried too if I wasn’t trying so hard to not pee my pants and faint from excitement! Multi tasking; not one of my strongest points…

    I had a real kick ass 31st!

    I am indeed truly blessed. I am so happy to have my loved ones around me, to be loved, and to have great friends.

  • To my FAVOURITE sister!

    To a wonderful sister, my best friend… May all your birthday wishes come true!

    XOXOXOXO…. Chae

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  • Happy New Year! Lets welcome 2009!

    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year! It’s going to be a wonderful year for all of us!

    I am so lucky to have spent the first day of the year with my favourite sister! We did the same thing last year – and I hope this is going to turn in to an annual tradition! I love you my fave sister!

  • Bali In A Nutshell

    Surprise! This post is almost on time!

    Bali Trip – 8 March to 10 March.

    Stayed in a 4 bedroom villa in Jimbaran. It’s called Pat Mase. See the photos. It is a very nice hotel – on macro level. Aren’t the pictures gorgeous? Given my half-assed photography abilities. I am not going to start grieving on a micro-level. The past shall remain, in the PAST!

    What else is there in Jimbaran? Beach side seafood restaurants. So many of them! All along the beach. So, you’re having dinner on the beach, by the sea. Type of food? Seafood of course. But it’s really pricey, for JUST barbecued seafood. Boring! Dinner for 6 – USD401.00! They didn’t even want to give discount on the USD1.00. I fainted, and collapsed on the sandy beach. Ah! That’s why they serve us on the beach. The sand will cushion the fall of every person that faints when they see the bill.

    It’s just barbecued seafood – served on plastic plates that were not cleaned properly! The service astrocious, and the food took an hour to be served!

    Restaurant I would recommend, Ma Joly in Kuta. Type of food? Very nice food. French. But they have Italian too. And very good service, excellent ambiance. See pictures below.

    Another restaurant I would recommend – Lotus Cafe in Ubud. Very good food too. The food is fresh, and healthy. Red rice, not much grease, lots of salads and vegetables. I don’t have any pictures. But we’re sitting around a man-made pond. I think they have a few outlets all over Bali.

    Ubud – Definitely a must visit! Monkey forest, lots of nice bistros, many shops selling souvenirs, costume jewellery. I got this for RM25.00

    Legian – we just drove past, but they were many nice shops selling home decorative items. They have higher-end shops as compared to Ubud and Kuta.

    Nusa Dua – all the high class hotels with sea front. You can have a massage on the beach, with the sound of the waves, facing the ocean – if that’s your kind of thing. The hotels are all really nice. I want to stay there the next time – when I go with my favourite sister. We can be the beach bum sisters of Bali-wonderworld.

    I am quite sure I went to Seminyak too – but I cannot remember what happened there.

    Like I said, it was a whirl-wind trip. Too fast and too furious! I feel I know what the Tasmanian Devil feels like when he pauses for 2 seconds.

  • Christmas 2007

    These are some of my Christmas presents! Aren’t I so lucky?

    Oh – and those were the presents I wrapped, and instead of Christmas cards or tags – I used Post-it’s. Nice pretty bright yellow ones. My attempts at being creative.

    And we had a nice Christmas lunch with close family and friends with us. Thank you all for spending Christmas with us!

    As for Christmas eve, I had a quick dinner with mum, sis and Vince before rushing off to the police station.

    On my way home from work, I got in to a car accident (More like, someone got in to a car accident and involved me). The motocyclist in front of me skidded, and was lying on the road, so I slowed down, and was forced to stop. The car behind me – only slowed down when he banged right in to my car! I could see him fast approaching me from my rearview mirror. I held on tight to my steering wheel, readying myself for the worst. I pressed my bum firmly in to the seat to prepare myself from being thrown forward. He is still fast approaching my car. And before I could will him to stop – he crashed in to me. I was not hapy. But luckily enough things were sorted out quickly at the police station later that evening. No queue. Praise GOD! For surely, if I had to wait at the police station for most of the night, I would have stabbed myself in the eye!

    The motorcyclist is ok – he’d got up and left just as I pulled over to inspect the damage done to Little Red Riding Hood.