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Today is Monday July 22, 2019
  • The morning my wedding gifts arrive

    11 October (as usual I am late posting)

    The arrival of my gifts Sunday morning….. Voon came with Li Ling.

    While the gifts were being sorted out, I managed to get in some family shots…..

    Lotus roots symbolising the beginning, the middle – and the end? They are tied together, signifying a pair (d-uh, what else?)- and no matter what, it’s not to be broken. We were warned many times to handle it with extreme care by my aunty Sook Chiew.

    So I have to pose with the lotus root. Like it was a trophy. I had to do it justice, but of course.

    And the whole family has to take a picture with the lotus roots too…

    Voon came with 109 boxes of wife-y biscuits, and here I am reaching out to sample some cos they smell really delicious.

    And I was told I am not even allowed to have a single crumb of it – because it’s meant as gift for my mum. I know my mum likes to share. and yet I am not allowed to touch it.

    So this is me – with no biscuits.

    Last but not least – a photo for my husband… yes, my husband now – we registered on 13/10/09.

    The photographer caught many photos of me taking photos. Hah!

  • I come home to a new house every day

    I came home today and was gobsmacked. Mum is really outdoing herself…

    Look! Eight dangly things in total!

    Look at this big ASS pot of flowers. And a set of love ducks. Or whatever they are called… but they are tied together, symbolising eternal love, togetherness-foreverness – I made that up, but it sounds about right.

  • Aye carumba!

    Look at what my dearest mum did in preparation for my wedding!!!

    Isn’t she a dear for making my big day as special and memorable as can be? She did up the entrance of the house all pretty. That big red bow – is 50 metres of cloth!!!

    And this is a t-shirt that my favourite sister got for me… just because I must certainly be her favourite sister too! She knows pandas are one of my favourite things in the world.

  • I cry alot

    I am a cry baby.

    I feel like crying in frustration when I am stuck in traffic. I feel like the entire world is against me because I am stuck in traffic. Yes, I am a moron that way. Yes, I am not a good person in that way. People all around the world have far bigger problems – no clean water, starvation, natural disasters – and here I am thinking the world is against me because… I am stuck in traffic. (Yeah – I know they’d be people out there who want to put me on a bus to the land of flames and gory)

    At the moment, the thought of moving out, makes me want to cry. It’s not because I don’t want to live with my husband to be. He is after all a sweetheart, and will give in to me as long as I don’t infringe his boundaries – whatever that means. (But that’s another story). I will miss my mum. I will miss my sister. I will miss my dogs. I will miss everything that I have at home now.

    And it’s not even like I am moving out of the country, or out of the state – I am moving 20 minutes away from home.

    I am excited about my wedding and moving out to my new home – the next chapter. And yet – the thought is overwhelming, and I am of mixed nerves, and feelings.

    And I am constantly on the verge of tears.

    I imagine myself entering walking in at the dinner reception to the song I have chosen (All you need is love – Bee Gees) and I get all teary eyed.

    I imagine myself making a speech – and I am afraid I might not make it (nervousness set aside). I am choked with emotions – the thought of it is making me want to cry. Not that my speech is even near ready!!! I only think about what I want to say and even thinking about it – I feel a tightening in my chest, butterflies in my stomach, and I feel like throwing up.

    What kind of a nut job am I? Oh – and a big wimp while we’re at it.

    But you know what? I will survive this experience, and I will triumph. I am certain of this because I am one lucky woman who will have those closest to me be there for me and to support me – and to love me no matter what.