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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • The Legian, Bali – Part 2

    These are pictures of the room at The Legian. Beautiful HUGE and spacious rooms – I just had to post some pictures.

    See now why I would LOVE to come back?

    I ♥ BALI

  • The Legian, Bali

    The Legian in Seminyak, Bali is a really beautiful hotel, and the service was wonderful. The staff were constantly smiling, and very accommodating as they tried to oblige to our every request – including coconut ice cream for breakfast!

    I tried the spa – that was very good.

    Tea was served daily from 4pm to 6pm. Free of charge. My husband’s favourite phrase.

    Breakfast – wide spread of local food, and made to order, pancakes, waffles, all types of eggs, sausages, bacon with a variety of sides. Food glorious food!

    I would love to come back here.

  • Dark & Stormy Bali

    Definitely no swimming in the sea…

  • Singapore

    After 10 days away from Voon – I met him in Singapore after his school week.

    It was the Great Singapore Sales – and Orchard was absolutely packed!!! I think everyone in S’pore was in Orchard.

    We got to stay at Resort World Sentosa, Crockfords Tower this time. I thought it was quite nice, though there were comments about the suite rooms being too small. The service was good, and the staff all attentive.

    At the lobby – his and hers naked bodies… and on the right, on the Festive Walk –

    And this is my first time in the casino –

    At some point we went to Culina at Dempsey for tea … coffee is very good… and I have tried the burger before, which is really good too.

    And after much food – there was MORE food – we had dinner at Ooi. It was delicious. They sit only about 30 persons in the tiny restaurant. The chef and his wife make a wonderful team. These are only some of the items being served –

  • Lunch @ Les Creations de NARISAWA – Tokyo

    Autumn Collection 2009

    Before the starter… A radish served with edible soil… It’s not really soil, just made to look like soil.

    Spread for the bread – Butter will never be the same…

    Kyoto Onion, Sea Urchin:

    Mozzarella, String Beans, Aji:

    Grenouille, Autumn truffles:

    Ashe (it’s squid – top marks for the presentation, almost like magic):

    Today’s fish and Maitake mushroom:

    Langoustine, organic vegetables (I think this was my favourite, by a half point):

    Fresh water eel, mango

    SUMI 2009 –
    Beef (this black, very black block of beef):

    But pink and juicy in the middle:

    YUZU LA FRANCE – I don’t have a picture of it, because i just popped this amazing bubble thing that burst in my mouth, flooding it with the sweetest taste of orange… Wait a minute… D’uh! Oranges are not sweet!!! I meant AMAZING taste of orange… Ha ha ha…
    And there was Dessert 1 – honeymoon dessert, Dessert 2, some chocolate dessert thing that my husband can’t remember now, and Dessert 3, an array of dessert!!! endless dessert:

    After all that – I was rolling out the door, looking back – I feel stuffed all over again!

    5 stars!!!

    And be ready with plenty of time!!! Lunch will take 150 minutes!