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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • Unimpressed

    The only thing that will impress Boo Boo Kow enough to get him out of bed would be BISCUITS!

  • Sleeps & Daydreams 24/7

    This is Boo Boo Kow.


    This is his schedule:
    6am – Wakes up, wee-wee, crap.
    6.15am – Goes back to sleep.
    7am – Breakfast.
    8am – Daydreams outside mum’s room.
    9am to 6pm – Everyone has gone out. Sleeps and daydreams.
    6pm – Evening walk. Wee-wee and crap.
    6.30pm – Dinner.
    7pm – MORE! daydreaming…..
    8.30pm – Salivates as he watches US having dinner. Begs for food. Looks sad and hungry so that we will give him some food.
    9.30pm – Sleeps downstairs.
    10.30pm to 6am – Sleeps in my room in his OWN bed.

  • Doggies’ Day Out


    From left to right: Wooster, Mandarin, Tango and Boo Boo.

    On their way for a jungle walk at Fraser’s Hill. I didn’t tag along. It’s just something that MY sister does….. They are all wearing bright clothes too in case they wander off to the woods, they’d be easier to spot.