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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Now My Dog Has Cataracts?!

    Boo Boo is home from his dental procedure. Karen Kow went to pick him up. He was whining away when she got there, and later refused to look at her. Karen thinks he is upset with her. But he must be all right now because he immediately responded to a treat. The dental procedure went very well, and there appears to be no after effects from the anesthetics.

    And this morning, when my sister dropped him off, the vet told my sister that Boo Boo may possibly be developing cataracts! It appears that he is 7 years of age, going on 100!

    My friend once had a silky terrier with cataracts, and it just kept falling down the stairs because it couldn’t see! It later developed into glaucoma. This is really quite saddening.

    Cataracts are an opacity of the eye (the lense gets cloudy, either bluish-gray or milky-white) causing vision impairment. Could this possibly be why Boo Boo looks like he is squinting all the time? Or is that just his ‘i-am-einstein-look’?

    Cataract formation is actually a common eye disease in dogs either caused by old age, or it could be hereditary. I just found out that breeds with the highest cataract prevalence are as follows – Smooth Fox Terrier, Havanese, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, all Poodles, Silky Terrier, American Cocker Spaniel, and (would you believe it?!) MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS!

    This obviously has put me in a frenzy, and I am now researching prevention methods for cataracts in dogs.

    Apparently, nutrition plays an important role in preventing or delaying cataracts. Foods that are high in natural anti oxidants should help. Some of the vitamins, botanicals or nutrients that may be helpful include vitamins ACE, bilberry (my sister and I take this for our eyes, and it’s really good for dry eyes!), zinc, lutein, selenium, quercetin, ALA, carotenoids and grape seed extract. (Info source: I also read that lots of vitamin C would be helpful too, and the easiest way to administer vitamin C would be to give one cup of tomato juice to the pooch, daily.

    Since bilberry is working for me and my favourite sister, I think I will start Boo Boo on bilberry too. He’s quite tiny, only 6.7kgs, so I will give him one capsule, every other day. And if I am eating tomatoes, he will get some too.

  • My Dog Has Dental Problems

    My sister took Boo Boo for his annual vaccination, and during the routine overall health examination, the vet confirmed that Boo Boo requires dental treatment.

    He explained that Boo Boo will need to be anesthesized during this scaling procedure. The evening before the procedure, Boo Boo will have to fast – no water, no food. How is Boo Boo suppose to understand why he is not being given food and water? We will then have to send him to the vet in the morning where he will be given the anesthetics. He will then be in a state of ‘sleep’, and in the evening, when the anesthetics starts to wear off, while he is still groggy the scaling process will start.


    There are useful websites proclaiming that the long-term risk of ignoring the pet’s teeth is greater than the short-term risk of anesthesia. They also claim that a pet can only have complete dentistry while under anesthesia. Oral disease in pets will lead to heart, liver or kidney diseases (More details: and

    And websites wanting to sell pet oral care scare me with details like ‘risky anesthesia scaling causes 1 in 400 dogs to die’ and ‘1 in 8 dogs suffer side effects from anesthesia’. These oral care spray and gel claims to remove plaque, tartar and kills bacteria. Before and after pictures shows a difference in 6 weeks. A set of spray and gel costs USD39.95. (More details: This product has also been approved by the Animal Wellness Magazine. And so, I made my sister go online to purchase this product. Shipping costs USD16.00.

    Whilst waiting for this product to arrive, I go to a pet store to get him toothpaste. It’s edible PET! toothpaste. It’s beef flavoured. Boo Boo obviously didn’t think it tasted like beef. He wiggled and struggled for the full 8 minutes I tried to brush his teeth. My sister had to help hold him still. And still it was almost an impossible task. No wonder pets need anesthetic for dentistry! When brushing his teeth, I further noticed how awful his teeth are! One of them was loose and shaky too! I think he really needs to go for scaling.

    So, the appointment shall be made this coming Thursday.

    Boo Boo, please don’t be too mad with us. We love you so, and this decision is made with so much thought and consideration.

    And to all pet owners, please remember to brush your pet’s teeth!

  • BFF’s

    Like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,
    Bonnie and Clyde,
    Paris and Nicole,
    and everything else that goes together…..
    Best Friends Forever…..

    This, of course, is a distortion of reality!

  • Tango Boy!

    Dear Tango,

    You are going on 9 years old now. And until the last 6 months, you’ve never owned a bed. And now, you have TWO! beds. And you behave and lounge in your bed like you’ve ALWAYS! had a bed.

    Now all you do, is lie in bed all day. It is such an effort for you to even come greet me in the morning before I go off to work. Because all you do is LIE IN BED!

    Tango Boy, I must say, you’re turning in to quite THE SLOB!

    And even then, Tango Boy, we all LOVE! you so – especially Karen Kow.

    Li Lian.