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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Shanghai: 3 to 7 November 2010

    This is my first trip ever to China. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and had lots of fun and good food.

    The sights in Shanghai are amazing – my pictures does not do the place justice at all!

    The Bund at night.


    This picture was taken from across the river – not the best of pictures, but it’ll do. I thought it was breathtaking.

    Probably the only tourist site we went to – Tian Zi Fang. I loved it because it was full of  little quaint shops and eateries!




    Absolutely packed with tourists with their cameras. Has anyone noticed how every other person has a DSLR these days? I have one too!

    I also went to the very busy Nanjing Road where millions of people venture every day.


    And my not so favourite things in Shanghai – this fast food restaurant that serves porridge and noodles and you tiau (though the soya milk is yummy).


    And I found this rather icky too; pre-packed chicken wings?! Seriously?!


  • All that’s left is something in between a wheeze and a squeak?!!!

    Such cruelty. Such atrocity. Such monstrosity!




    Ok – I am out of words.

    I am describing this surgical procedure called de-barking; the removal of a dog’s vocal cords for the owner’s convenience! Because it barks too much?! OH! Come one!

    See this article here.

    I can’t imagine this furry one not barking – EVER!

  • Before and After

    Because of the hot weather… and he whispered in my ear, “Get it all off!!!”….

    Saturday morning:

    And Saturday afternoon:

  • Mighty Boo!

    This is a story about Boo Boo Kow.

    Boo Boo who can gather all his MIGHT! and look MIGHTY SAD! MIGHTY GRUMPY! MIGHTY INTENSE! and MIGHTY CONFUSED.

    With all the might in him, he looks MIGHTY sad when we tie him up, because he had sprained his buttocks and is not allowed to walk around too much. Just for TWO weeks…

    MIGHTY confused as to why he has to be tied up.

    Then back to looking MIGHTY sad – like it is the end of the world (the end of his doggy world, at least) that he cannot move more than 2 feet from where he is.

    Then with all the might in his doggy world, he gazes with MIGHTY intense at the food we are eating. Salivating all over. His eyes burning in to each and every one of our bites of food! (Because he has the MIGHTY STARE)

    He can be MIGHTY patient, waiting up till 60 minutes before we feed him something, already!

    Then with MIGHTY stupidity he drinks from the toilet bowl, and eats his own poop. And with that same MIGHTY disgusting mouth – he kisses mummy, and licks me and favourite sister all over.

    Boo gives a MIGHTY growl when he wants to wake me up in the morning to let him out. Despite all his MIGHT, as he rushes out the door (with his MIGHTY little legs that run SO FAST you cannot see them, it becomes a blur), he cannot control his bladder, and ends up pee-ing half way out the door. But he does NOT forget to aim at something first, so there is pee on a standing object that he has aimed for, and all around that object. It’s like water art, that becomes sticky after awhile. *GAG*

    All other times, he tends to look MIGHTY grumpy. Or maybe he’s just perpetually MIGHTY CONSTIPATED. But in my eyes – he’ll always be MIGHTY CUTE!

    And I could go on and on and on talking about MIGHTY BOO, but you may not have the same MIGHTY patience as Boo, in which case, I’d also start sounding MIGHTY boring, and very repetitive.

    Awww….. MIGHTY SWEET!

    Oh! One more MIGHTY characteristic.

    BOO IS ALSO A MIGHTY SHOW OFF! But I’ll save that for another day.

  • Vet Consultation Fee a Rip-off

    Our darling Tango Boy decided to break free*, dash out of the house, and within the first few minutes of his escape, gets in to a fight.

    Tango Boy vs. Yappy Ugly Medium Sized Dog.**

    Owner of Yappy Ugly Dog comes to Yappy Ugly Dog’s rescue with his golf club. Yes, a GOLF CLUB!

    And he hits Tango Boy TWICE! with the GOLF CLUB! TWICE! The bloody moron!

    Boo Boo Kow was the first at the scene of near-murder. Bloody moron was caught red-handed with golf club in his hands. Kakak was just behind Boo Boo Kow. Tango was stunned, motionless from shock and bleeding.***

    With kakak and Boo Boo Kow, Tango Boy limps home all the way. His leg, wounded, bleeding.

    And when I got home – Tango comes greet me. Smiley face, wagging tail as if nothing were wrong. He didn’t even appear to be limping. But later that evening, he started limping again.

    Next morning, a Sunday, I took him to an animal hospital. The only one I knew that would be open on Sunday.

    The receptionist was brilliant! So polite and so friendly. During this time, Tango Boy was most happy with all the attention, having a day out, and seeing new friends. And we wait for 20 minutes before it was Tango’s turn to see the vet. I tell the vet what had happened to Tango.

    He looks at Tango. Makes Tango walk around in his office. Which, by the way is a 8 feet by 8 feet room, with a desk – so there really was a lot of walking that Tango could do – NOT! This takes all of 5 seconds of total observation. He then turns to me and says – “Sundays are really too busy for me to do x-rays even though I think your dog needs to have an x-ray. Getting an x-ray for a dog is not a matter of walking in and out. I’ll have to sedate him first – didn’t you know that?”. “Of course I didn’t know that! It’s not something I make a habit of!”, I say to him. “And, NO! I am not leaving him here so that you can only sedate him TOMORROW, at YOUR convenience, to x-ray him”. Then he says to me, “Ok then. You can come back tomorrow at 9am. But today, I will have to charge you for consultation.”

    And the bill came to RM50.00. For 2 minutes of his time, to look at Tango walk around his office. He didn’t even feel Tango’s leg. He didn’t even LOOK! at Tango’s leg. All he did was look at Tango take 5 steps! And tell me to come back tomorrow. And he charged me RM50.00! I wish he had been more professional. The fee wasn’t an issue. It was his nonchalant attitude that infuriated me! Is that how a vet conducts an examination for a dog that had been clobbered by a golf club? I would think not. He didn’t even look like he liked animals to begin with. A vet? BAH! The finest quality of veterinary services as they claim – they certainly are not! Except for the receptionist.

    This Animal Hospital is called – The Animal Medical Centre and is located on Jalan Tun Razak.

    Would I recommend it? Not unless it were a Sunday. Or in the middle of the night. Because they have a 24-hr emergency number. But I haven’t tried calling them at midnight, so I can’t be sure.

    And how is Tango? He still has a limp. I keep telling him not to get up. Sis took him to our usual vet in D’sara Heights this morning. He just needs to rest his leg. Preferably on cage-arrest. No sedation for x-ray required. And Tango is still smiling, and wagging his tail – as always.

    *Tango is always leashed, but he is a very strong dog, and broke the leash.
    ** Yappy Ugly Dog is the one that started the fight for sure! He’s a psychotic dog that chases cars and anyone who walks by. God knows why his owner allows him out of the house.
    *** I felt like my heart had been ripped out, and stomped on a few times, then thrown off a 100-storey building when kakak recounted the incident to me. And when I told sis the story, she went hysterical, more so since she was away and could not see Tango.