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Today is Monday July 22, 2019
  • What’s With The D’oh-nuts?

    J Co Donuts at The Pavilion.*

    You would think that these people were queing up for a miracle drug! Or the secret to eternal life!** Or the elixir of youth!

    I really, really, really wanted to try the doughnuts, after hearing so much about them. But I wasn’t patient enough to wait. Would you blame me for giving up? I only wanted ONE doughnut.

    * Yes! I’ve finally made my first trip to The Pavilion! Woo-hoo!
    ** That does not include association to a religion.

  • Road Menace

    Ever noticed how traffic on the fast lane suddenly slows down drastically all because of ONE car that decides to drive at less than 15km/hr. On the fast lane! And as you overtake them, you notice – Oh. My. Lord. – this MORON! has slowed down to speak on the phone!

    Just as bad, this same MORON! is so engrossed in his phone conversation he fails to hear other cars honking at him, and is blind to the cars behind him! You got to be kidding me!

    And sometimes, there are some serious nutheads who just drive slowly on the fast lane for no apparent reason than to cause an accident or a serious pile-up!

    Seriously, there should be ‘SLOW’ traps just as there are speed traps.

    Common sense! Driving sense! Any form of sense! PLEASE!

    Is driving slowly just as dangerous as driving fast? I certainly think so.

    Written in fury! Inspired by a motherf*#ker speaking on the phone, driving 10km/hr on the fast lane with a speed limit of 80km/hr.

  • 90,000 Traditional Fishermen to Benefit

    From the News Straits Times, Thursday, Oct. 18 2007.

    KUALA LUMPUR: Imagine a fisherman waking up in the morning to a telephone call, text message, an email or fax telling him exactly where the fish is going to be that day.

    For more:

    Because, SERIOUSLY?!

    Could this possibly be an inaccurate potrayal of a TRADITIONAL fisherman’s life?

    Morning call! “Good morning Mr. Fisherman, we’ll be sending you an SMS soon. Have a nice day!”. Beep! SMS Alert – informing him where to go fishing today for the best catch. This is followed by a fax with more details of the weather forecast and sea patterns. Then he gets a reminder email with an attached detailed location map to head for the ocean.

    The perfect catch of the day!


  • Tissue Galore

    Tissue products are just not simply tissue products. Tissue products is used in every facet of my daily life! And I am sure the day will come when everyone else will feel the same way.

    Did you know that we use up to 23.9mio tonnes of tissue per year? This is despite some countries in Africa not knowing what tissue products are.

    It’s for hygiene purposes.

    Toilet tissue – For wiping the toilet seat (public toilets only), and you know where else (where the sun don’t shine, of course!).
    Facial tissue – In the event there is no toilet tissue. For cleaning your mouth after a meal (Ladies, dab-dab gently). In the event there is no other type of tissue product. It’s nice and handy to carry around those dainty little packs.
    Napkins – At restaurants, brightly coloured patterned ones for parties and barbecues. It’s so much easier than providing cloth napkins that needs washing and bleaching. Use and throw! How convenient.
    Towels – Just for the kitchen. To soak up the oil from deep fried foods, to wipe oily-anything, to wipe anything wet. I repeat, use and throw!
    Tissue paper – Or wrapping tissue. Don’t you think it gives that extra little special and thoughtful touch when you receive a gift wrapped in tissue paper, in a box? Or when you go to a shop, buy something, and they wrap it in tissue before putting it in a bag? I adore this! I re-use this wrapping tissue; to stuff my shoes and handbags so they maintain their shape because they don’t stain, unlike newspaper.

    My ideal characteristics of a tissue product – it must be strong! Yet maintains that silky softness. And NO LINT! please.

    I am sure there are a lot of environmentalists out there who would like to tell me how many trees are lost to making tissue products. And I know so too that tissue product companies are doing their share in making their products more environmental friendly (Well, at least those with a conscience). We just can’t win.

    And I don’t think anybody wants re-usable toilet tissue, or recycled toilet tissue.

    Lastly, toilet paper is not something anyone thinks about till it’s ALL GONE!

  • Gifted? Talented? Something else?

    Have you ever seen what a ‘.php’ script looks like? I don’t even know if that is what it’s called. If you are using WordPress like me, and you want to edit something on your ‘sidebar’, you’ll be faced with a mountain of gibberish! At least that is what I thought it looked like.

    Jax was trying to teach me how to make some amendments on my sidebar. The column of things that you see on the top right of this this web page.

    Even with a step-by-step guide, I found it indiscernible! Jax calls is ‘script editing’. I call it alien language. I asked him how he learnt it. And he told me that he was perhaps ‘born with it – it felt like he just knew and understood it’.

    So, is there an ‘IT’ gene? Is there a ‘programming’ gene? Why are some people just more technically and computer literate than others? Is being technically inclined something that you either have, or you don’t?

    Does that make these group of people an elite group of people, or am I just an idiot when it comes to anything to do with technology?