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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • Me like! The Nikon D5000!

    This is going to be my next big purchase. I have always been on a look out for one of these glamorous looking high end cameras which I am convinced will help me to take breath taking snapshots that will win me awards…Actually I am just frustrated sometimes that my night time photos are kinda crappy – and my day time pictures could kick more ass… And it has nothing to do with my photography skills, or lack of.

    I came across information on this camera randomly – did a quick search on it a couple of weeks later…

    Came across this article on Digital Photography School – and a few other articles… and I am truly convinced me and and the Nikon D5000 are meant to be. We go together… Like hot chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream… Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum… Scooby and Scrappy…

    Nikon D5000 Swivel Screen dSLR


    And I promise I ‘ll try my best not to turn this blog in to a photo blog… (Not that I blog that much to begin with)

  • Happy New Year! Lets welcome 2009!

    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year! It’s going to be a wonderful year for all of us!

    I am so lucky to have spent the first day of the year with my favourite sister! We did the same thing last year – and I hope this is going to turn in to an annual tradition! I love you my fave sister!

  • All I want for Christmas…

    My Christmas gifts! Ta-dah!

    I had to hint BIG time for these – and thank goodness my sister got the hint! I love them so much – I am going to go get the entire set! 5 of them in total, my Harajuku Lovers Perfume!

    And this! I have to figure out how to use it this at some point… My Samsung Digital Photo Frame.

  • Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

    Wishing all of you a joyous and blessed Christmas. Happy holidays!

  • 9 days to Christmas! Please give me your shopping list!!!

    Obviously! it is a cry for help.

    I am desperate!

    Christmas???!!! Huh?

    So… if you have a shopping list – please send it to me – I need to copy your list!

    Please feel sorry for those closest to me that will not be feeling the spirit of lovin’ and givin’ cos I have no presents for them.

    So pathetic!