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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • Deliciously Cute!

    That is how Gwen Stefani described us Malaysians at her concert in Bukit Jalil, KL last night.

    Her son, Kingston, she says, is the most DELICIOUS THING in the world.

    Her performance lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes. She is so fit. Her arms are inspiration enough for anyone to get going to the gym! And she must have so much energy to be singing and dancing for that period of time.

    Gwen Stefani is delicious herself. She looks exactly as she does on MTV! No touching up or camera tricks on her videos. Her hair, IS really so blonde and shiny. And she is VERY tall. Such presence, such energy.

    I enjoyed her concert, truly.

    I am beginning to like that word, DELICIOUS!

  • My Daily Commute – The Joy and The Agony

    I spend 98 minutes a day travelling in my car. I travel a distance of 20km. This is the distance from home to work and back. In a year, I’d be spending at least 400 hours in my car, getting to work. This would certainly justify for commuting as being a negative experience.

    My mental and physical well-being would well be at risk if not for the little pleasures I seek from being stuck in traffic.

    I use this time to sort my mail and bills. I get to do some reading- I always carry a book wherever I go- or read the latest gossips in magazines. I am fascinated and intrigued by the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Even more so by their outfits, but that’s another story.

    Back to productive things to do whilst stuck in commute, planning my day, I listen to the radio (it helps if the DJ is funny and entertaining), I’ll try to squeeze in a crossword puzzle, but I am not very good with them and I sing-a-long. My vocals are exceptionally good when I am my only audience in the car.

    Being stuck in traffic would not be on my list of favourite things to do. Making my commute more pleasurable and productive is what stops me from getting out of my car and whacking the hell out of the idiot driver next to me with my umbrella or smashing his or her windows in!

    And I start my breathing exercises to calm down.