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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • Unimpressed

    The only thing that will impress Boo Boo Kow enough to get him out of bed would be BISCUITS!

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    I drive a CHILLI red car, and her name is Little Red Riding Hood.

    Little Red Riding Hood gets assaulted quite a bit when on the road. There are a lot of maniac drivers out there. I may be one of them too, a psycho-illogical-aggressive driver. And each time I am on the verge of asserting my illogical aggressive driving skills, and being intentionally nasty, I take a deep breath and remind myself of the possible consequences.

    What if I honk loudly, stick my finger up at the other driver as I drive past and whilst giving him the death stare, I realise he is a friend, or a friend of a friend, or my mother’s friend?! As luck would have it, I’d probably be introduced to this person whom has seen my meanest side 2 hours later – and he’d turn out to be a client or a family friend!

    What if I antogonize a mentally unstable person that would force me into a car race with him? He’d chase me down and make me drive myself off a cliff!

    What if he were mentally unstable AND has a photographic memory, and the next time he sees my car parked somewhere, anywhere, recognises Little Red Riding Hood, and proceeds to slash her wheels and smash her windows and mirrors? What if he hunts ME down?

    And what if it were a little old lady, or old man that has no family left in the world to drive them around. And with whatever eye sight they have left, they have to drive themselves around- slowly, dangerously offending everyone else, but very surely- to their destination? I would never be able to forgive myself then!

    So, next time we decide to be a nasty driver – THINK TWICE!

  • Sleeps & Daydreams 24/7

    This is Boo Boo Kow.


    This is his schedule:
    6am – Wakes up, wee-wee, crap.
    6.15am – Goes back to sleep.
    7am – Breakfast.
    8am – Daydreams outside mum’s room.
    9am to 6pm – Everyone has gone out. Sleeps and daydreams.
    6pm – Evening walk. Wee-wee and crap.
    6.30pm – Dinner.
    7pm – MORE! daydreaming…..
    8.30pm – Salivates as he watches US having dinner. Begs for food. Looks sad and hungry so that we will give him some food.
    9.30pm – Sleeps downstairs.
    10.30pm to 6am – Sleeps in my room in his OWN bed.

  • Pink!

    Jax is a champ.

    He’s helping me to set up this website, and I am asking him to change it to pink, because PINK! is my favourite colour.

    The end-result was quite gross.

    And then I said, maybe it’d be nice if I could have it in PINK! with butterflies, and flowers and dragonflies. And that is what Jax gave me. All things girlie.

    And then I asked for cartoon-like ‘-flies’. Of which Jax then told me, I shouldn’t insult his taste…. ‘jialat!’, he tells me!

    And then I am undecided, yet again….. No wonder men get so frustrated with women.

  • Dining Solo

    * This spot is RESERVED for picture of Little S Eating Alone *

    I was chatting with Little S, who’d just moved to Johor for work. He is going to make many many new friends there, and for the meanwhile, he is dining solo at the food stalls most convenient to him.

    Asking him if he is ok having dinner on his own, his reply was, “Eat alone is like SORCHAI!, do you think that is ok?”.

    I personally don’t think eating alone is that bad. I eat alone quite often. I must enjoy my own company. I’d bring a magazine or a book, and be really engrossed in it. REALLY! I love gossip magazines.

    Then again, are we really ever alone? There’s the mobile phone that we can pretend we’re on, the PDA, the laptop. There really is so many things we can do to appear that we are NOT! eating alone.

    Then again, why does my heart go out to the person who is dining alone, when I do see someone alone? Is he/she lonely? My heart goes out to them. I have been tempted to ask them if they’d like to join me, sit with me instead. But they may be just like me – enjoying my meal and my own company.

    This is for you Little S! (who has also said he will get the ‘mamak’ guy to take a picture of himself eating alone, so that I can put it here, on my website).