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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • PUBES! – (WARNING! Do not read while eating)

    I LOATHE! public toilets. I HATE! community toilets. I DESPISE! having to share a toilet.

    But I can’t very well go the entire day without going potty.

    And to make my experience worse – I find PUBES! left on the toilet seat. YES! ON.THE.TOILET.SEAT. I think that is the abolute-st worst-est thing to find left behind by the person that had entered the toilet just before me. NO THANK YOU FOR THE PRESENT!

    It further puts me off that it is a 1.5 inch long pube – and I start having eeky-yucky pictures in my head as I ‘see’ in my head this lovely young lady with a FOREST of 1.5inch long pubes. I KNOW! WHO’D LEFT THE PUBE! Why didn’t she just sweep it on to the floor, or take it with her?

    Any other hair – on a woman – that is not on the head – IS.VERY.GROSS!

    Other disgusting things left behind in toilets are: wee drip stains, droplets of menstrual you-know-what, crap – yuck, yuck, yuck!

    Why don’t people practise toilet courtesy? The least they could do is FLUSH! It’s not like they are PAYING! for the water!

    And some people find the need to take a ‘shower’ on the toilet bowl and end up wetting the entire toilet in the process.

    I did warn you this post is gross.

    So – what’s the worst thing that got left behind for you?

  • Done Is Better Than Perfect

    Such words of wisdom.

    It deserves a spot on my Passing Thoughts – since I am yet to come up with my new years’ resolution. And I can’t very well be CONTEMPLATING my New Year’s Resolution for the rest of the year.

    Speaking of which – my new year’s resolutions just needs to be done! That is – after all better than perfect!

  • Christmas 2007

    These are some of my Christmas presents! Aren’t I so lucky?

    Oh – and those were the presents I wrapped, and instead of Christmas cards or tags – I used Post-it’s. Nice pretty bright yellow ones. My attempts at being creative.

    And we had a nice Christmas lunch with close family and friends with us. Thank you all for spending Christmas with us!

    As for Christmas eve, I had a quick dinner with mum, sis and Vince before rushing off to the police station.

    On my way home from work, I got in to a car accident (More like, someone got in to a car accident and involved me). The motocyclist in front of me skidded, and was lying on the road, so I slowed down, and was forced to stop. The car behind me – only slowed down when he banged right in to my car! I could see him fast approaching me from my rearview mirror. I held on tight to my steering wheel, readying myself for the worst. I pressed my bum firmly in to the seat to prepare myself from being thrown forward. He is still fast approaching my car. And before I could will him to stop – he crashed in to me. I was not hapy. But luckily enough things were sorted out quickly at the police station later that evening. No queue. Praise GOD! For surely, if I had to wait at the police station for most of the night, I would have stabbed myself in the eye!

    The motorcyclist is ok – he’d got up and left just as I pulled over to inspect the damage done to Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Time for Reflection

    As the year is coming to an end – it would only make sense to reflect on the year passed, and think about what I’ve done. I normally would not do this. I have a tendency to take on the new year as it is – whatever will be, will be. Toast to a better year ahead!

    But is this how I want to spend the rest of my days? Perhaps not – seeing I might not end up accomplishing anything.

    I am not sure if I have the answers to things you have to ask yourself as part of being a better person, one that seeks to accomplish more. Most self-help guides will begin with asking you to ask yourself –
    1. What have you learnt this year? New skills?
    2. What are your key accomplishments? – Some people can probably list down a dozen.
    3. Did I complete anything? Do I feel complete?
    4. What would I have liked to have done differently? – To have had this list last year, so I would have better attempted this list?
    5. What have I done right? – What were my contributions to the world? Did I make a difference to anyone’s life? Did I make a difference to my life?
    6. Was there anything significant that happened in my life? – I don’t think anything life altering happened.
    7. Did I do anything fun and exciting? Something I can boast about to my grandkids?
    8. What were the challenges I’d faced and the lesson(s) learnt from?
    9. Am I a different person as I was compared to last year?
    10. What am I grateful for?

    If I really wanted to, I’d be able come up with some form of an answer or other to all the questions. But I don’t think my list would be very impressive.

    Or perhaps – I’m just beating myself up for not having a ‘in-your-face-kick-ass’ list of things I’ve done. I cannot include discovery of world peace, ending starvation, discovered a miracle cure for all illness and made the world a better place to live in on my list of things accomplished.

    And perhaps our expectations of list of accomplishments are self-dependent. Perhaps I need to be confident enough of the things I’ve done – and everything I have done, I can feel like I’ve ‘Saved the cheerleader! Saved the world!’.

    Another thing to take in to consideration for the new year – every little bit counts, and it does matter!

  • AVES!


    That was my reaction too when I Googled for DUCK – and came up with AVES. I bet with my friend that it would say BIRD. I was so sure. So I click on AVES – lo! and behold! – Birds (class Aves) are bipedal, warm-blooded, vertebrate animals that lay eggs.


    All this came about when someone was trying to convince me that a duck and a platypus are in the same classification.

    And I was almost! convinced when surely and confidently I am told that the platypus is classed under marsupials** – which would also mean that DUCKS! are mamals in which the female typically has a pouch (called the marsupium, from which the name ‘Marsupial’ derives) in which it rears its young through early infancy. And the female would have 2 vaginas and the male 2 penises!

    Confused? Flabbergasted? Dumbfounded?Gobsmacked? I certainly was! And now I know better.

    But seriously?! It would be easy to think that the duck and the platypus ARE in the same classification – both have webbed feet, both lay eggs, and the platypus has a duck-like snout. C’mon! If it looks like a duck – it’s gotta be a duck – right?

    By the way, platypus is classified under mammal (aquatic mammal to be exact).

    *I love being correct! I imagine myself jumping round and around in circles with joy.
    **Examples of marsupials include the koala and kangaroo.