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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • Diet? What diet?!

    I question my ability for self-control. I have none – to the point of disgrace.

    But in my moment of weakness, I discovered happiness and indulgence at the following places.

    Friday night. Indian cuisine at Passage Through India in Damansara. Same row as Victoria Station. The food is fresh, and the vegetarian dishes, definitely much better than the seafood and meat dishes. My favourite, the paneer (cottage cheese) dish. The restaurant’s ventilation system is not so good though, so when I was done with dinner and leaving the place, I was smelling of spices aplenty, like I HAVE trudged through the passages of India.

    Saturday night, home cooked meal of spaghetti and tomato sauce with chorizo sausage. Made and served with much love and affection, Chef Sweet V. My role was Master Observer. And I learned that canned tomatoes from Italy makes better tomato based sauce than using fresh local tomatoes. Local tomatoes are more sour.

    Sunday tea, Baskin Robbins ice cream. Order the Junior scoops if you must. Had 3 scoops, regular sized, cost RM19.50. Too much! Ice-cream overdose!!! Boom-sha-ka-la-ka! And don’t go for the nonsense sugar free, fat free stuff – it’s just NOT ice cream!

    And all that ice cream didn’t stop me from going on to the next outlet, so that I can eat some more! Cupcake Chic at The Curve. It’s located outside, same row as Secret Recipe, facing Ikano Power Centre.

    Excuses, excuses… But Sweet V and me decided to check out Cupcake place because I was reading Time Out Magazine while having my ice cream (it costs RM4.90 and is surprisingly quite entertaining, it has reviews of things to do, places to go, places to dine in KL) and this magazine tells me that CUPCAKES ARE THE NEW DONUTS!

    I did not know that!

    I only wanted to share ONE cupcake, but with the vast choice, it became too confusing. So we ended up with TWO cupcakes – the 24 Karat (it’s a carrot cupcake) and the Fatal Attraction (chocolate cupcake). With such cute cupcake names, do you blame me for succumbing to temptation? The CUPCAKE! was practically calling my name! Eat me, eat me, eat me! I really wanted to try the lavender cupcake, but it’s only available Tuesdays and Saturdays. The verdict? At RM4.50 per cupcake (RM25 for half a dozen, and RM48 for one dozen) – it’d better taste good! And it was! Melted in my mouth, so moist and tastes like SIN! The Devil himself!

    And we also had one espresso, one cappucino, one iced cafe latte. The cappucino was a freebie.

    I’m not even going to start with what I had for dinner on Sunday (or what I had for lunch). It is just getting embarrassing now.

  • Celine Dion – The performance that brought tears to my eyes

    13 April, at 8.45pm she came on stage at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

    Thank goodness it rained all afternoon. Made it a nice and cool evening, because the concert is outdoors, on the grassy fields – which they did not bother to cut for the occasion.

    She takes her performance VERY seriously. And I always wondered why people get so emotional and weepy, hysterical even, at concerts. Now I know. I was all teary eyed! And so touched by her performance, I felt my chest tightening, my heart being squeezed. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub, dub-dub-dub-dub…DUB!

    These are some of the photos, and that is ALL the photos, because some grumpy old man behind me told me off for getting in his view while I was taking the pictures.

  • Words of Affection

    Talking about how each person has different personalities that is shaped during childhood, I asked Sweet V what he thought of my personality.

    “I think you’re crayyyy…zee…”
    Fake frowning, “Why do you think I’m crazy?”
    Stares blankly, blinks his eyes and smiles, “Cos you like me.”

    We both burst out in giggles, me coyly.

    With big wide smile, “But if everyone knew you as I did, they’d know there’s so much of you to love!”


    “I took that sentence from the words of a song.”

    And we both burst out laughing at the pretense and drama of this 30 second piece of conversation.

    When he gets so cute, I wish his face were a banana cupcake. I can make it from cake mold in the shape of his face. Then I can admire it, and eat it all up! With caramel sauce.

  • Coffee-holic Annoynymous

    Hi, my name is Li Lian. It’s been 4 days and 18 hours since my last coffee.

    I am SO! craving a hazelnut cafe latte from Starbucks, it’s not funny.

    As part of my diet plan – I am not going to have coffee. I don’t really want to ‘waste’ my calories on a hazelnut cafe latte. It is 260 calories.


  • The More You Think About Not Eating…

    … the more you become obsessed with food!

    Since Christmas season last year, I have not stopped eating. And it is not doing me any good. I go for yoga, maybe 3 to 4 hours a week, but that’s not helping. I seem to still be stacking on the pounds.

    Number of calories I burn in a day – 1451, since I only have VERY light activity. This also takes my weight and age in to account.
    You can go here for your metabolism calculator.

    And there is also a weight loss calculator, see here.
    And so I keyed in the amount of weight I wanted to lose, and that meant I’d have to cut back on 500 calories a day, and this is supposedly not advisable, based on this website. I think this is really dumb.

    Pfftttt! What do they know? After all, I just want to get back to my original weight! Is that too much to ask?

    So I found another website, here.
    This, calculates my daily calorie deficit required to reach my goal and I get to key-in the timeline in which I would like to reach my goal weight. I key-in one month. I am ambitious.

    My diet started yesterday. I plan to lose the weight that I’ve gained over the next one month. Fingers crossed.

    I am thinking I just need to get past the first few days, and it will get easier. After all, we always need to push ourselves a little harder at the beginning, right? And then once you start seeing the results, you’ll be so pleased, you’ll just push through.

    My diet is going to consist mostly of fruits and vegetables for the next 5 days. No refined carbs, definitely. Some lean chicken and fish, and eggs. And I reckon I deserve one pig-out meal a week. Only ONE. This method is said to be adopted by celebrities, I saw this on Channel E! so as not to be overly deprived.

    6 almonds, 7 calories each – 42 calories
    2 oat drinks – 300 calories
    1 BIG apple – 80 calories
    Vegetables and egg for dinner – approx. 500 calories
    TOTAL CALORIES – 922 calories.

    I have just made it with 500 calories less

    2 hardboiled eggs – 140 calories
    Small slice of toast, and some cheese – 134 calories
    1 Guava – 90 calories
    6 almonds – 42 calories
    Clear fish soup with fish – 250 calories
    Vegetables – 150 calories

    I’m getting better at this.

    I will survive!

    Useful calorie counter websites: and