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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • Apple pie – The food for champions (Part 2)


    The absolute BEST apple pie I have ever tasted!

    It doesn’t look oh-so-pretty… but it’s ALL in the taste.

    And all that have tasted my apple pie – said it is good…*GIGGLE TILL I START SNORTING*… After I told them I don’t take negative criticism very well.

    And I am only posting this now – because once it was ready to eat with vanilla ice cream, AND after having it with vanilla ice cream, I passed out from happiness and exhaustion.


  • Apple Pie – The food for champions (Part 1)

    Because I am baking the apple pie, it is the FOOD FOR CHAMPIONS. And it is so much hard work, it deserves TWO posts, hence Part 1 and there shall be Part 2 – assuming the apple pie actually HAPPENS.

    So I have my apple pie baking tunes…

    My apple pie ingredient list… and carefully prepared notes. Total THREE pages of notes!

    And I have all the ingredients…


    And only an ABSOLUTE MORON! like me would forget the main ingredient (apart from the apples of course, because that would be too obviously stupid) – THE FLOUR!

    I had to make another trip to the shops to go get it.

    More on The Food for Champions later… Part 2

  • Best brownie recipe. I am Domestic Goddess!

    The best brownies I’ve ever tasted, if I may say so…

    Takes 5 minutes preparation time, and 25 minutes baking time!

  • Because the toilet at The Gardens (Midvalley) deserves a mention

    It costs RM5 PER ENTRY!

    Of course I have to say SOMETHING about it!

    Surely this toilet must have been blessed by the heavenly Angels of poop and wee.

    Of course I’m not going to pay RM5 to enter Kingdom Toilet! Especially since the toilet one floor up is free! Maybe if I was really desperate – and I’d be expecting wipes and washes for where the sun don’t shine! Nothing less!

    And I’m going to stay in there for at least 30 minutes to make it worth my money! And because I am cheap in this way.

  • So busy dieting, I forgot to diet…

    Since my diet has started infusing my brain cells, little cell by little cell… All I can suddenly think of is HEALTHY WHOLESOME FOODS!

    Since the weekend of pigging out – my diet officially started again yesterday…

    And what happens as a result?

    A salad here, there, some multi grain toast, soup, cereal, milk, eggs – it all adds up to more than my targeted calorie limit.

    So, I’ve decided not to talk about my diet anymore. It’s getting boring, and it’s starting to sound obsessive, whiny, and BORING! This shall be the last of me talking about my diet… For now…