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Today is Sunday May 19, 2019
  • Week 3: Just when I thought you were getting more predictable – who was I kidding?!


    Just when I thought I would be able to get you on a schedule or some form of a routine so that mama can plan my time around your naps – you just put me in my place and showed me who’s the boss. You little live havoc!

    You’re getting bigger and heavier by the day. You’re really filling out your clothes now… when once (just 3 weeks ago!) they were just a tad big and long…

    Still melting hearts with your smile – I can already imagine you getting away with a lot with just your smile.


    I went out for tea with your PaPa today – we were gone for all of two hours, and I was missing you already. I gave in, and called home after an hour just to check if you were ok. So much for all that talk about me not being one of those mum’s who get all consumed by their kids! Ahhhh well….. I am practising.

    I love you, my little baboo.


  • Week 2: I think we understand each other better now

    Dearest Olivia,

    As MaMa understands you better I am able to get myself into more of a routine too… Though its still too unpredictable. But I guess we’re getting used to each other now.

    The baby books tell me that a baby your age should not stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time… and that you should feed every 3 hours. This week – you have shown me this is not so. You can sleep up till 5 hours in a night and you can definitely stay awake for more than 2 hours. While you stay awake for 4 hours (or more sometimes) – all you want to do is eat and fidget and eat some more. Your appetite can be insatiable!

    I still can’t get over how cute you are, and I never tire of the many different expressions that you have. I am yet to capture my favourite expression where you pucker your lips and raise both your eyebrows – but I will get it eventually.

    Baby Olivia – you are 2 weeks old, and you have already stolen the hearts of many!

    Your PaPa is incredibly protective of you – and you are the first thing on his mind as soon as he wakes.


    I know your Aunty Karen will do whatever she can to keep you safe. She’s been driving back and forth almost everyday just to see you no matter how tired she is. I am sure you have turned her world upside down too! She tells me she loves you as much as she loves me (and she has spent more years loving me that’s for sure).


    You sure have a strong pair of lungs when you want to be fed….. but MaMa thinks you don’t cry that much (for now, anyways…).


    And you can also be so peaceful;


    Everyone loves to watch you sleep;


    Love, MaMa

  • Week 1: Life changing!

    Mama’s Precious Princess,

    You have totally turned my world around!

    Pictures for now… and more about my experience later.

    After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

    I am still trying to get over the amazement of having you here with me now, when just a week ago you were still inside me.


    You don’t really like being swaddled (and you sleep better with your left hand free) but you don’t really have a say in the matter at the moment.


    I have never seen your PaPa smile so much! PaPa loves you and I can imagine him trying to stop himself from trying to spoil you rotten.


    And I will keep reminding you that you will have to learn to smile a lot like your MaMa… One of your favourite expressions at the moment;


    Love, MaMa.