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Today is Monday September 21, 2020
  • 3 years + 1 month: Saying the darnedest things

    Oh my little Bam Bam,

    The things you say! Make me want to weep and laugh and scream all at the same time. And after that I just want to hug you and hold you so tight because you have become even more adorable to me, if that is even possible.

    And your endless and relentless chattering… You can just go on and on and on, I kid you not.


    Just today;

    You: Mummy, you’re so boring!
    Me: Why would you say that? (in a hurt voice)
    You: Ok mummy. You’re a leeeee-tle bit fun. Just a little bit, ok? Not very very fun, just a little bit.
    Me: Ok.
    You: Papa is very very fun!

    You: Mummy, do you love me?
    Me: Of course I do. All the way to the moon and back!
    You: Ok. Papa will pick me up from the moon, and when I get back, you love me, ok? Promise?

    Me: Do you know I love you?
    You: I don’t know. Let me think about it, and I will tell you later. OK?


    And I do love you, all the way to the moon and back.


  • 2 years and 4 months: OH! BOY! Handful…

    Dearest Olivia,

    Where do I even start? How do I even start?

    One minute I want to hug you and never let you go. The next I am hiding in the cupboard away from you. And the next, I am so close to smacking you. Then back to wanting to cuddle this 200% of adorable-ness that is you.

    I love you so much it overwhelms me.

    And boy oh boy! What a handful you have become.

    You have gone from barely speaking to speaking non-stop, stating your demands very clearly. Relentlessly repeating the same sentence telling us what you want till we give in. Gosh, I won’t even start with the whining and whinging. The whining and whinging, seems almost endless.

    And the next minute you will be singing and making up your own nursery rhymes, and I will be laughing with much amusement and wanting to hug this bundle of cuteness that you are.

    Your favourite version of Humpty Dumpty at the moment – Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, bing-bang, ouch! So painful!

    Your favourite book at the moment is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You have memorised the book and will still insist I read it to you – perhaps a hundred and seven times a night.

    You say the funniest and darndest things! And you will have me laughing so hard, I am close to pee-ing my pants.

    You are refusing to have your photo taken now, so this is the best photo I have of you. You will say, ‘Go hide’ as soon as you see me with my camera.


    You adore Theo. You will kiss him as soon as you see him. You will kiss him before he goes to bed. And you will always remind us to ‘bring Theo’ when we are leaving, every time we go out. You don’t want to leave Theo behind.

    You have a scary good memory. The things you are able to remember sometimes is amazing, and you will just mention them out of the blue.

    About a month ago you started (finally, oh finally) being able to go to school without being accompanied. PaPa drops you off, you whine a little… and the teachers tell me you are fantastic after. I pick you up from school, and looking at you before you realise I am there, just amazes me how grown up you have become. I observe you putting on your own shoes, washing your hands before lunch, queuing up for lunch, ¬†feeding yourself lunch, getting up and going to the counter to ask for more vegetables (yes, more vegetables. Thank goodness I never ever have a problem with getting you to eat your vegetables.), getting your fruits, putting your bowls and cutlery away when you are done, washing your hands and mouth, rinsing your mouth… drying your hands. Gosh! Aren’t you all grown up and independent now! That brings tears of joy (almost) to my eyes.

    This week has been particularly challenging. Hell hath no fury like a sick toddler. As much as I was thinking you are a handful… Words cannot describe a sick you. I am feeling so helpless and so exhausted! Though I know you will soon recover, and be back to your normal cheerful self.

    I love you so much, my wonderful first born.


  • Month 24: Happy Birthday!

    Dearest Olivia,

    Happy Birthday my darling daughter.



    It feels just like yesterday when we celebrated your first birthday. So much has happened since and how much and fast you have grown and matured!

    Your favourite food of all time is seaweed. So we celebrated your birthday at a Japanese restaurant. You will constantly ask for seaweed all day long… You go through sheets and sheets of seaweed.

    You speak a lot now. Asking where, stating your demands, pleading (please, please, please). The number of words you know still amazes me. You can’t really say the ‘k’ sound yet… so instead of come, you say ‘tum’, instead of school you say stool. But we understand you well enough.

    Suddenly, you have become camera shy, refusing to look at the camera. As soon as I take my camera out to take your picture, you will turn away.


    Occasionally, I get lucky, and get some photos of you.


    And this is your signature smile when we tell you to smile for the camera.


    You are so much fun, and such a joy to be with… Well, most of the time. Since you can be quite demanding now.

    I love you my darling.


  • Month 22: Your vocabulary

    Dearest Olivia,


    You’re such a wonder to be with… and you are developing so quickly, I wish I could keep up with your many changes and progress, and I wish I updated my blog about you more often. I will try my best.

    You are beginning to speak more now, not in sentences as you still prefer signing to us.

    In no particular order some of the words you use;

    You call your grandparents; Wa-Ma, Neh-Neh and Dah-Dah.

    Your aunties; Yee-Yee and Deh or Doo-Doo (don’t ask me why you insist on calling your Goo-Goo Deh).

    Barney: Bar-Bar

    Elmo: Mo-Mo

    Water: Ahhhh….. the sound you make at the end of a cold drink.

    Turtle: Turtle

    Rabbit: Rabbit

    Dog: Bow-wow or wow-wow-wow

    Paper: Paper

    No: No-no-no, while shaking your head

    Book: Book

    Down: Down (you can’t say up)

    Kai-kai: Dai-dai

    Poo-poo and Pee-Pee: Pah-poo while tapping on your diaper urgently

    Sleeping: You make a snoring sound, and tilt your head to one side, resting it on your shoulder

    Snack: You tap your mouth

    Rice: Ya-ya

    Pasta and noodles: Pa-pa

    Yes: Ya (though you prefer the word NO)

    And just recently you try to repeat the words we say to you as best you can.

    We try our best to understand you… and you are so expressive with your gestures, and single words which you try to string together with your expressions, I dare say we understand what you want most of the time.

    I don’t know why I have forgotten to mention your ‘smell-smell’… You can’t say ‘smell-smell’, but you start sniffing away in a particular way which we understand as you looking for your ‘smell-smell’. It’s just a shirt that mummy has worn before… and there’s no tricking you by giving you any other shirt. Weird.

    You need it for when you sleep. Its your lovey, your comfort.


    You kind of progressed from being happy with one smell-smell to two to three. You decided you needed three during my two night stay at the hospital and will hunt high and low if even one was missing, you would be incomplete.

    I love you my first offspring.