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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • The morning my wedding gifts arrive

    11 October (as usual I am late posting)

    The arrival of my gifts Sunday morning….. Voon came with Li Ling.

    While the gifts were being sorted out, I managed to get in some family shots…..

    Lotus roots symbolising the beginning, the middle – and the end? They are tied together, signifying a pair (d-uh, what else?)- and no matter what, it’s not to be broken. We were warned many times to handle it with extreme care by my aunty Sook Chiew.

    So I have to pose with the lotus root. Like it was a trophy. I had to do it justice, but of course.

    And the whole family has to take a picture with the lotus roots too…

    Voon came with 109 boxes of wife-y biscuits, and here I am reaching out to sample some cos they smell really delicious.

    And I was told I am not even allowed to have a single crumb of it – because it’s meant as gift for my mum. I know my mum likes to share. and yet I am not allowed to touch it.

    So this is me – with no biscuits.

    Last but not least – a photo for my husband… yes, my husband now – we registered on 13/10/09.

    The photographer caught many photos of me taking photos. Hah!

  • I come home to a new house every day

    I came home today and was gobsmacked. Mum is really outdoing herself…

    Look! Eight dangly things in total!

    Look at this big ASS pot of flowers. And a set of love ducks. Or whatever they are called… but they are tied together, symbolising eternal love, togetherness-foreverness – I made that up, but it sounds about right.

  • Aye carumba!

    Look at what my dearest mum did in preparation for my wedding!!!

    Isn’t she a dear for making my big day as special and memorable as can be? She did up the entrance of the house all pretty. That big red bow – is 50 metres of cloth!!!

    And this is a t-shirt that my favourite sister got for me… just because I must certainly be her favourite sister too! She knows pandas are one of my favourite things in the world.

  • 95% there! Or so I’d like to think…

    It’s been awhile since I updated anything about my wedding plans – and to sum it up…..

    Venue – Check.
    Drinks – Check.
    Flowers – Check.
    Band – Check.
    Cake – Check.
    Photographer – Check.
    Dress (even though I’ve been told it is absurd and for people with low IQ) – Check! Check! Check! Because I went for my second fitting, and it FITS! IT FITS! Phew! I was getting a bit worried about it not going to be able to fit.

    A place to live after the wedding – CHECK!

    I am getting a bit more anxious now even though everything is pretty much sorted out. I am not even going to start thinking about all the micro details that will be popping up as my wedding day nears.

    Positivity – Check.
    Smile – 1/2 Check.

    A couple of weeks ago I had trouble sleeping – and my mum told me it’s subconscious anxiety.

    I think she’s a wise woman.

    It’s MY big day?!Who am I kidding right?

    In the midst of all the different emotions (mostly being unreasonable, emotional, difficult, overly sensitive, crabby, moody, touch of crazy…..) I am going through (and there are also stories about issues and feelings…) , this man I am going to marry – is calm and so in control.

    He has so much more on his plate than I do – he has work, meetings and school – exams, assignments. And he’s there for me, to comfort me and remind me everything is going to be okay and make me feel all better again.

    The man I am marrying is amazing (and I am crazy in love with him) – Check.

  • Are cupcakes overplayed?

    And instead of giving out cupcakes as wedding favours (since every other person is giving them at birthdays and every other occassion)… how about these delicious looking cookies from gumdrop cookie shop?