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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Cute Magnet Bookmarks

    These are so adorable – I want to go out and get more of them!

    I got them from the flea market at Bangsar Shopping Centre. They cost RM2 each. And the magnet is not so strong it wants to rip out the page of your book with it.

    Now I am even happier when reading a book. Ahhhh…… Nice.

  • Make-up Madness!

    Another item – 2 items, no – THREE items to be exact – to add to my massive collection of make-up.

    I am in zit zone. I am going through some stage in my life, that is causing me to have more break-outs than usual. So I needed concealer. This, from Laura Mercier, I’ve read in numerous magazines, is a favourite of all time!

    And it’s really quite easy to use. Just blend, blend the 2 colours, till you get the exact shade for your skin, then dab dab with the special concealer brush. Oh! Instant coverage for zits, and fine lines.

    And for just additional RM35 – I get this eye concealer (which, by the way, is also highly recommended in a lot of magazines). It comes as a special set – when you buy the concealer brush. The eye concealer will cover my eye bags. (And I will use Eye Bright on top, so I have bright eyes with no dark circles under my eyes).

    These are my other 2 NEW favourite products. They really do work – I’d like to think so.

    It’s like playing with Photoshop on my face! Bless the person that invented make-up.

    Number of times I’ve used all said items since I bought them last week?


  • Eye Bright from Benefit

    I am a sucker for make-up.

    And I didn’t really need this – but it is suppose to make my eyes look BRIGHTER!

    So, you draw it around your eyes, like this… Shaped like a fish.

    I am not sure if you can see the white outline around my eyes. But I almost went blind (from exposure to the camera flash) taking this photo of my eye, trying to illustrate how it is done. Yet obvious again, I have no talent for phtography.

    Then dab, dab, dab, blending it in. But don’t rub.

    Voila! Brighter eyes! Does it work? I think it does, subtly. Brings life in to my eyes, if I may say so. Or I’d be looking like a dead fish?

    These 2 other items from Benefit that I cannot live without – giving me my healthy rosy hue – naturally blushing.

    Champion sucker for make-up!