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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Since Marley & Me…..

    There have been just too many books about dogs now… and seriously? Do we really need any more stories about man’s best friend?

    Of course I’m not digging it that Jennifer Aniston is starring in this movie either…

    But I did enjoy the book Marley & Me, made me cry at the end. NOBODY likes to read about a dog dying!

    Here’s to all the dog lovers out there!

  • Sir Elton John @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

    For a 63 year old, he SURE has the stamina. He sang for over 2 hours, and his short fingers conquered and swept over the piano keys at the speed of lightning.

    For the first hour, it was a little less exciting for me. Maybe because I didn’t know those songs. And as he began to warm up the second half of the show, I could understand why he is an icon that is still around after three decades.

    He stands up from the piano and the crowd roars! He points one finger at the crowd, and they go wild! He points TWO fingers at them, and they are ready to tear the place down just to get closer to him! He waves, and jumps up to sit on the piano – by which time, the crowd is probably ready to pee their pants! While thumping their chests with their fists, Tarzan style.

    And this scenario lasts throughout the concert.

    THIS! Is about having PRESENCE. This! Is about engaging the crowd. He lifts a finger, and he makes you think he’s lifting his finger FOR YOU! To be able to have the attention of 20,000 in the audience, tell me if that is not magic!

    There was a lot of crazy dancing going on as well. Arms flailing everywhere, bums swaying, jumping. My head spinning, as everything becomes a blur in buffoons-ville.

    Guess I was wrong about Elton’s fans being that of the elder to be dancing manically.

    Anyways… I really enjoyed myself. He is indeed an icon, and an excellent performer.


  • Sweets!

    Dessert cravings?

    Bakerzin at Bangsar Village 1, Dessert Buffet, Mondays to Fridays from 7pm (they close at 11pm). RM30++ per person.

    No pictures, but their dessert is made only when you order. So it’s SOMEWHAT fresh. And all mini sizes so you’re not too overwhelmed till the end – when you cannot move and feel like puking and have ice cream coming out of your ears.

    Most of their dessert comes with a scoop of ice cream. So, I probanly had 8 scoops of ice cream in total! OMG! Oink-oink-oink.

    My favourite – creme brulee (pistachio and vanilla), warm chocolate cake with ice cream, raspberry souffl’ee with ice cream (they also have chocolate and grand marnier), warm apple tart also with ice cream… And a whole lot of other desserts.

    The verdict – 0.5kg’s heavier the next morning.


  • Bali In A Nutshell

    Surprise! This post is almost on time!

    Bali Trip – 8 March to 10 March.

    Stayed in a 4 bedroom villa in Jimbaran. It’s called Pat Mase. See the photos. It is a very nice hotel – on macro level. Aren’t the pictures gorgeous? Given my half-assed photography abilities. I am not going to start grieving on a micro-level. The past shall remain, in the PAST!

    What else is there in Jimbaran? Beach side seafood restaurants. So many of them! All along the beach. So, you’re having dinner on the beach, by the sea. Type of food? Seafood of course. But it’s really pricey, for JUST barbecued seafood. Boring! Dinner for 6 – USD401.00! They didn’t even want to give discount on the USD1.00. I fainted, and collapsed on the sandy beach. Ah! That’s why they serve us on the beach. The sand will cushion the fall of every person that faints when they see the bill.

    It’s just barbecued seafood – served on plastic plates that were not cleaned properly! The service astrocious, and the food took an hour to be served!

    Restaurant I would recommend, Ma Joly in Kuta. Type of food? Very nice food. French. But they have Italian too. And very good service, excellent ambiance. See pictures below.

    Another restaurant I would recommend – Lotus Cafe in Ubud. Very good food too. The food is fresh, and healthy. Red rice, not much grease, lots of salads and vegetables. I don’t have any pictures. But we’re sitting around a man-made pond. I think they have a few outlets all over Bali.

    Ubud – Definitely a must visit! Monkey forest, lots of nice bistros, many shops selling souvenirs, costume jewellery. I got this for RM25.00

    Legian – we just drove past, but they were many nice shops selling home decorative items. They have higher-end shops as compared to Ubud and Kuta.

    Nusa Dua – all the high class hotels with sea front. You can have a massage on the beach, with the sound of the waves, facing the ocean – if that’s your kind of thing. The hotels are all really nice. I want to stay there the next time – when I go with my favourite sister. We can be the beach bum sisters of Bali-wonderworld.

    I am quite sure I went to Seminyak too – but I cannot remember what happened there.

    Like I said, it was a whirl-wind trip. Too fast and too furious! I feel I know what the Tasmanian Devil feels like when he pauses for 2 seconds.

  • VW Cars – The B#%tards!

    Yes, yes, yes. I know there is no need for name calling.

    This is the latest email I had to send to them. You can see why I may be frustrated!

    And I didn’t get a reply! Pfftttt!!!


    Dear Kelvin Khaw,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    It is also beyond my belief that I have to yet again write to you despite your assurance that – quote “we take pride in the products and services that we offer to our customers” and “we are confident that VW Cars, as a Volkswagen authorised dealer, will provide you with improved service for your future vehicle needs” unquote.

    I realised that the bottle opener had been removed from my car – about 5 days after I have got back my car. Perhaps this needed a service to for whatever reason you will then come up with to assure me.

    So it was early last week that Thomas the GM said he would be sending back the bottle opener.

    You must have guessed by now that I am writing in to inform you that no bottle opener has been returned.

    Not able to get hold of Thomas yesterday, and instead spoke to Robert who said the bottle opener will be returned yesterday – with a gift.

    Perhaps the delay was caused because he is picking out a gift. Such thoughtfulness. Please inform VW Cars that we do not need a gift. We just want the bottle opener returned.

    I think my entire experience with VW is focused on delay, procastination, and your inability to be time conscious. This must be the CORE of your service – that VW appears to be so confident about.

    I tremble in fear at the thought of my vehicle’s future needs.

    I am sure you appreciate my feedback and comments. Please do take time to look in to getting my bottle opener returned.

    As always, please be assured that I will be informing my family, friends and e-community of my VW experience.

    Have a nice day.

    Yours sincerely,
    Li Lian Kow.