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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • When I watch something like that, it makes me think – There may be hope for world peace yet?

    Oprah says – This is the coolest thing, EVER!

    And I totally agree.

    How did they achieve this? The unity! Amazing!

    Brought tears to my eyes… well, a lot of things make me cry… But the energy! This is just beautiful.
    My emotions are out of whack. Hormones be doomed!

    My husband’s given me a new pet name – NUTS. (It’s the only pet name he’s ever given me – so, that’s something to shout… or get emotional about).

  • The Rain

    At a beautiful resort, and stuck indoors… there’s a thunderstorm going on outside! Not like I wasn’t expecting this because the weather forecast did say it was going to pour. All day and all night.

    After this – I am going to watch Brokeback Mountain. Can’t believe I have not watched this movie before!

  • Don’t look back…

    I was trying out my new camera lense, and after all of a couple of tens of minutes – even my sister being the most patient one – no one wanted to pose for me anymore.

    So taking pictures of backs seemed to be the way to go.

  • Twilight – with Cheeseburger

    I loved Twilight so much I went out and got all the books – and then I came across this (because I am so crazy about Twilight) which made me laugh out loud!

    Hang on Spider Monkey!

  • Loyalty

    This story about Cash a German Sheperd who guarded his owner’s dead body for 6 weeks made me wonder what goes through a dog’s mind.

    Cash survived on mice and rabbits – and kept the coyotes away from his master’s body.

    The extent of a dog’s loyalty!

    My two dogs are loyal to food. They like their food.