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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Done Is Better Than Perfect

    Such words of wisdom.

    It deserves a spot on my Passing Thoughts – since I am yet to come up with my new years’ resolution. And I can’t very well be CONTEMPLATING my New Year’s Resolution for the rest of the year.

    Speaking of which – my new year’s resolutions just needs to be done! That is – after all better than perfect!

  • Passing Thoughts (The Beginning): Month 2

    It’s been two months now since I’ve started this website. And as I am typing this, I am smiling to myself and thinking that THIS! is not something that I would normally get up to. This sharing of what I think, my experiences, anything about me and everything else. But, HEY! I did it!

    I plan for Passing Thoughts to be a series of my thoughts, feelings and emotions – of this very moment, or this month, or maybe two months – as I navigate throughout my existence on this planet.

    14 August to 17 October 2007:
    This part of me that wants to identify with the world!
    I have just been introduced to the concept of blogging (by Jax) and the first thing that comes into my mind is that I am just like anybody and everybody else. So, here I am, wanting to be a little bit more, a part of this world.

    18 October to Current:
    I think I am starting to identify with the world!

    I am definitely a little bit more of this world now. I have signed up in facebook, and found friends way way way back from school. Less surprisingly, my universe of friends is still small. I am also now on MyBlogLog – where I am in 2 communities! I am learning to be cool! Ice-Ice-Bambino!