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Today is Tuesday June 18, 2019
  • One Sen To Go

    The Star Front Page. Effective 1 April 2007 – all prices to be rounded up to the nearest 5 sen, as the 1 sen becomes worthless.

    For the full story, click here.

    Are they kidding me? Has the outcome of this been thought of thoroughly?

    People love buying things that cost RM0.99 – instead of RM1.00; RM19.99 which is now going to cost RM20.00. These are serious marketing and pricing implications.

    I am not exactly sure if I am ready to see the 1 sen go. Maybe I just have detachment issues.

  • Are There Really More Single Women Out There?

    The male to female birth ratio is almost 1:1. But because boys participate in more dangerous sports, and do more stupidly dangerous things, life-endangering stunts, by the age of 18, there would be more girls than boys left.

    Due to high testosterone levels, there are also more male criminals than female ones. So since more of them are put away in jail, the male to female ratio gap continues to widen.

    This does not include gay men*. Statistics show, that they are more gay men, than they are lesbian women.

    Lets vote. Do you know more single women? Or do you know more single men? I am standing at half and half now.

    Historians have documented that a society with too many unattached men leads to war. Perhaps a society with more unattached women will lead to world peace?

    * I use the term ‘men’ now, because I am referring to the male species above 18.

  • MPH – As Helpful As It Gets?

    Last week – At MPH enquiries counter, I asked for a particular book. I had title, author and publisher. Did all this information help the staff at MPH? Hell! NO! He took 15 minutes to search for it. Only to tell me they don’t have it. That’s it. No offer to help me order it. NADA!

    Today – At same MPH enquiries counter. I asked for another book. Again, I had the title, author and publisher. This time, it took them 30 seconds to find the book. Not too bad. Then the customer service assistant looks up at me, and says, “No stock”. And looks away. His expression is just screaming out – “please don’t ask me anything else, please, please, just go away! I am an incompetent idiot, so pleassssseeeee don’t ask me anything”. With much hope, I ask, “When is the new stock arriving?”.* He blinks at me, and says, “No. No more.” And looks away again.

    Cheerily, I reply – “Thank you for being most helpful then”.

    MPH assistant – stares at me, and blinks again.

    Ain’t he just absolutely charming?

    * I would imagine they would be bringing in new stocks of this particular book, seeing that they SOLD OUT the first time!

  • What’s With The D’oh-nuts?

    J Co Donuts at The Pavilion.*

    You would think that these people were queing up for a miracle drug! Or the secret to eternal life!** Or the elixir of youth!

    I really, really, really wanted to try the doughnuts, after hearing so much about them. But I wasn’t patient enough to wait. Would you blame me for giving up? I only wanted ONE doughnut.

    * Yes! I’ve finally made my first trip to The Pavilion! Woo-hoo!
    ** That does not include association to a religion.

  • Road Menace

    Ever noticed how traffic on the fast lane suddenly slows down drastically all because of ONE car that decides to drive at less than 15km/hr. On the fast lane! And as you overtake them, you notice – Oh. My. Lord. – this MORON! has slowed down to speak on the phone!

    Just as bad, this same MORON! is so engrossed in his phone conversation he fails to hear other cars honking at him, and is blind to the cars behind him! You got to be kidding me!

    And sometimes, there are some serious nutheads who just drive slowly on the fast lane for no apparent reason than to cause an accident or a serious pile-up!

    Seriously, there should be ‘SLOW’ traps just as there are speed traps.

    Common sense! Driving sense! Any form of sense! PLEASE!

    Is driving slowly just as dangerous as driving fast? I certainly think so.

    Written in fury! Inspired by a motherf*#ker speaking on the phone, driving 10km/hr on the fast lane with a speed limit of 80km/hr.