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Today is Thursday June 20, 2019
  • Week 35 – Cute as a button

    Dearest Olivia,

    Of course I am biased when I think you are Oh-So-Cute!



    Every time you smile at me, all I want to do is rush over to you and give you a big cuddle.

    Sometimes you hug me back… and say ‘Ahhhhhhhh…’ and sometimes you kiss me back, though you kiss with your mouth open, and dribble saliva all over my face!

    It’s almost impossible to touch your face – every time I want to clean your face, you respond as if I had just punched your face. You would scream and fuss.

    Recently, you will only answer to Olivia… You would pretend you could not hear me if I called you Ollie.

    This week (it was on Friday, just before you turned 8 months!) – you started saying MaMa and BaBa. It was just before bed time, and you were crawling around my bed, and suddenly, you just said MaMa… and this was followed by BaBa. Both me and your PaPa heard it – and we were both so excited! Then you crawled towards me, and touched my leg, and said MaMa. And that pretty much felt like the best thing in the world, and almost brought tears to my eyes. Of course I am well aware you said it indiscriminately! True enough, the next day – everything was MaMa, so fluent you are with your MaMa.

    I love you my little peanut!


  • Best brownie recipe. I am Domestic Goddess!

    The best brownies I’ve ever tasted, if I may say so…

    Takes 5 minutes preparation time, and 25 minutes baking time!

  • The More You Think About Not Eating…

    … the more you become obsessed with food!

    Since Christmas season last year, I have not stopped eating. And it is not doing me any good. I go for yoga, maybe 3 to 4 hours a week, but that’s not helping. I seem to still be stacking on the pounds.

    Number of calories I burn in a day – 1451, since I only have VERY light activity. This also takes my weight and age in to account.
    You can go here for your metabolism calculator.

    And there is also a weight loss calculator, see here.
    And so I keyed in the amount of weight I wanted to lose, and that meant I’d have to cut back on 500 calories a day, and this is supposedly not advisable, based on this website. I think this is really dumb.

    Pfftttt! What do they know? After all, I just want to get back to my original weight! Is that too much to ask?

    So I found another website, here.
    This, calculates my daily calorie deficit required to reach my goal and I get to key-in the timeline in which I would like to reach my goal weight. I key-in one month. I am ambitious.

    My diet started yesterday. I plan to lose the weight that I’ve gained over the next one month. Fingers crossed.

    I am thinking I just need to get past the first few days, and it will get easier. After all, we always need to push ourselves a little harder at the beginning, right? And then once you start seeing the results, you’ll be so pleased, you’ll just push through.

    My diet is going to consist mostly of fruits and vegetables for the next 5 days. No refined carbs, definitely. Some lean chicken and fish, and eggs. And I reckon I deserve one pig-out meal a week. Only ONE. This method is said to be adopted by celebrities, I saw this on Channel E! so as not to be overly deprived.

    6 almonds, 7 calories each – 42 calories
    2 oat drinks – 300 calories
    1 BIG apple – 80 calories
    Vegetables and egg for dinner – approx. 500 calories
    TOTAL CALORIES – 922 calories.

    I have just made it with 500 calories less

    2 hardboiled eggs – 140 calories
    Small slice of toast, and some cheese – 134 calories
    1 Guava – 90 calories
    6 almonds – 42 calories
    Clear fish soup with fish – 250 calories
    Vegetables – 150 calories

    I’m getting better at this.

    I will survive!

    Useful calorie counter websites: and

  • Puripunn – A Baby Grand Boutique Hotel, Chiangmai

    This post is wayyyyyy overdue. I was actually at Puripunn 3rd week of January.

    It really is a very small hotel. 30 rooms. But very nice! Service is above average. They only have ONE eating outlet. But the food is quite good. On my first day, I had curry noodles. It is medium spicy curry noodles with chicken and some seafood, and crispy noodles on the top. So you end up having a mixture of soft and crispy noodles in a curry broth. I hear this curry noodles is only available in Northern Thailand.

    The weather was very nice early in the year – when I was there – Reminder! This post is a month late. About 16 to 18 degrees celcius. A bit too cold for me.

    They have a teensy swimming pool with jaccuzi.

    Oh – and the Thai Massage was fabulous! One hour – NOT ENOUGH!

    Here are some pictures of the place – there are not so many – because I have already taken pictures of the entire hotel, and this is it!

    But for professional pictures of the hotel, you may visit their website here.

    Would I recommend it? Of course! It really is very nice and relaxing – but there isn’t much else to do but….. NOTHING!

    And please do not be alarmed if when you tell the taxi man to get you to Puripunn that he takes you to a narrow back alley, because, suddenly – VOILA! (Or, as the taxi driver put it – BINGO! Here you go!) Literally, out of nowhere, emerges, The Baby Grand Hotel.

  • Never Meant To Exercise!

    I can see my buttocks is no longer able to defy the laws of gravity. My metabolism is probably non-existent as I seem to put on weight just by looking at food. My stamina is the pits. I pant and become out of breath when I have to walk to the bathroom. I need an exercise plan!

    And recently – a new yoga centre opened up where I work. myoga (pronounced my-yoga) at The Gardens, at Midvalley.

    Ooooh… I am excited. And so I go enquire about the classes. They were most patient at identifying my needs, and then introducing me to the type of package that would most suit my budget and time. I was sure about signing-up. But I still wanted to think about it. Maybe I needed to psych myself up more first.

    2 days later – I skipped lunch to go sign up. Then! I am explained the types of restrictions. I could either only go for Option A (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) or Option B (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays/Sundays). And this is engraved in stone. I am not allowed to go Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays nor am I allowed to change my days once I have confirmed my option. However, if I add RM50 a month and pay via direct debit, then I can enjoy the flexibility of anytime, any day! Hmm… I needed to think about it.

    I continue to psyche myself, psyche myself…

    And I said to myself – I can do it. Heck, I’ll even go 4 times a week! I’ll show you! Conquer gravity! My buttocks will thank me! I shall become, Master Yoga Attendee of the Universe.

    So, today, I skip lunch again. I go to myoga to sign up.

    I left with no yoga classes.

    They have restrictions on types of credit card used for direct debit payment. Sigh… And I was not willing to pay for 16 months in advance. I am a teensy-wee afraid I might not last 16 weeks. Or even 16 days.

    Perhaps my buttocks is meant to sag to the ground. Maybe exercise was not meant to happen to me.