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  • Week 12 – And still not a fan of tummy time

    Longest tummy time to date – 8 minutes and 37 seconds; and look at your frown as you have no choice but to be on your tummy since I still decide how you lie down… Hahahaha…..


    Mirror mirror on the wall… who is the fairest of them all…


    Someone said to me this week – hey, you shouldn’t carry her about too much, she might get too attached to you.

    Me rolling my eyes – and how else are you suppose to get around? It’s not like you’re gonna be getting from one point to another on your own at this moment are you?

  • Week 11 – Giggles… and the SCREAMING!

    Hi baby girl… Look how grown up you look now!


    This week – MaMa saw how you reacted to a boy. You giggled, and you coo-ed, and you smiled your widest toothless smile. What a flirt! You definitely have an affinity for young men. Well young lady – no short skirts, and no going out with boys till you’re 18. Though your PaPa will think that 30 would be a more appropriate age for you to go out with boys.

    This week, you also thought it would be fun to start screaming before each nap in the afternoon. You would scream your lungs out… and nothing MaMa or anyone else did would be able to console you for at least 20 minutes. Baby Ollie – it’s not funny, and you have totally worn me out.

    My friends reassure me it is just a phase you’re going through… and I need you to get over this phase soon. Why can’t you just be into vampires, goth  or Justin Bieber?

    This is your picture 3 minutes all happy and chatty before you started your screaming ritual…


    Love, MaMa

  • Week 10: The Smile That Melts My Heart Every Single Time

    Dear Ollie,

    You smile at me as soon as I come and get you in the morning… and each day I thank God for having blessed me with you. You are so adorable… and each day I will tell your PaPa how cute I think you are… and then I will send a message to your yee-yee and grandmummy to tell them how  cute I think you are. They must be stiff from boredom hearing me repeat the same thing to them every day.

    Aren’t you just the cutest?


    You even smile in response to my voice now!

    You are such a happy baby! And not to jinx it… but you started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago… Phew! MaMa’s obsession with getting you into having a good sleeping habit finally paid off! In the process driving everyone around me nuts. Though there were 2 or 3 occasions when you thought it might be fun to wake me at 3am.

    Everyone who meets you tells me how much alike you look to PaPa and I couldn’t agree more.

    Though there is one photo where I think you look a little like me when I was a baby, though prettier.


    I love you my little precious one.

    Love, MaMa.

  • Week 6 & 7: A week of many firsts and other stuff

    Your first dummy…..


    Your PaPa gave you a bath for the first time… He gave it a go before I did.

    Look how cute and tiny you are in PaPa’s arms!


    Your PaPa also had his first go at feeding you.


    And this suit that you are wearing is the first baby outfit that MaMa bought for you.


    You’re growing at an incredible speed and MaMa can feel it in my arms every time I lift you up. You are now 5.1 kilos.

    You have also started smiling back at me when I smile at you, and your eyes follow me as I walk across the room.

    You respond the most to PaPa… vocalizing and coo-ing when he speaks to you.

    Just when I thought I could not love you anymore – how wrong I was.

    Love, MaMa.

  • Breastfeeding Challenges – My story

    I finally made it! I can now officially claim my baboo is a 100% breastfed baby! Has been for 32 days now!

    Well, for now at least. Fingers crossed and crossed and crossed! I hear about this growth spurt that babies go through where they will suddenly need more milk and I am suppose to have enough for the baboo.

    And I hear of women who can express 3 ounces of milk from ONE BREAST! And this is even before they start feeding….. and they still have enough to feed the baby after that. And I also hear of women who can produce 8 ounces of milk from ONE SINGLE BREAST!


    I have enough for baboo now – but she’s still taking in about 4 maybe 5 ounces (my estimate – and I would never really know)… and I need both my boobs to satisfy her.

    When she’s about 6 months – she will need 8 ounces. I am trying to prepare for that by ensuring I express milk even when she’s not drinking but I am not close to getting 8 ounces! Demand and supply theory.

    Maybe, as I was told – old cows just don’t produce as much milk. Ahhhh, well….. I will definitely try to get there.

    Some of the stupid remarks I have had to put up with? “Are you sure she’s sucking correctly?” – and this person knew baby had grown 500g’s. My eyes rolled out of my head and on to the floor before I was tempted to reply, “Nay – not really… babies have a tendency to grow sucking on fresh air these days.”

    “The way you are holding her while feeding is too comfortable – so she is not eating properly.”

    “Hey – she’s still awake, she must still be hungry.” In some countries – I think babies do stay awake to play if they are alive.

    “Oh – she is fast asleep soundly, are you sure she has had enough to eat?” Like any baby would go to sleep so peacefully when hungry.

    Sod off and leave me alone already! Unless one has breastfed exclusively before, for more than a year (or at least 6 months) I don’t think they are entitled to any opinion whatsoever on what I am doing and how I am breastfeeding.

    I totally underestimated the patience and dedication involved. If my baby eats slowly – I could be feeding for over an hour. If the milk flow is slow, my baby could get impatient and start throwing a fit and the feeding will also take over an hour. If baby is going through a growth spurt and needing to eat more I will be feeding for up to 3 hours (sometimes more) with only short breaks in between.

    If baby doesn’t finish all the milk – I will have to express the remaining. During a middle of the night feed, I will be feeding baby for an hour… and after putting her back to sleep, it’s part two for me while I express the balance before I can go back to sleep.

    I will also have to express before going to sleep or risk being woken up when I am lying in a damp patch of milk.

    Honestly – it is a full time job. Then again, it may just be harder for me… and somewhere out there, a alot women actually have an easier job with breastfeeding. Where it just comes naturally  and easily to them.

    Nevertheless, I have the utmost respect now for any woman who tells me she breastfeeds exclusively.

    For anyone else who has not breastfed exclusively – leave me the eff alone and don’t tell me it is easy.

    I think my biggest challenge – if you haven’t already figured it out from what I have written – is with people telling me what to do and how it should be done when they don’t really know how I am feeling (what with the hormones and all, and this being my first time) and especially when they don’t know what I am already going through.

    Well, that and the fact that I never really know how much the baboo is eating. Being the control freak that I am… I would really really like to know how much she is actually consuming in 24 hours… And then I can ascertain whether the amount she is consuming is indeed the average amount that other babies her age and weight is consuming. I find comfort knowing this information.

    Then again perhaps it’s just my hormones writing here; and one day looking back on this I would think to myself what an idiot I am for stressing myself out.

    Eventually I would like my breasts back to myself and I will breastfeed for as long as I can.