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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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  • Delicious Cakes at Harbs, Herbis Plaza – We had to go there twice!

    We came across this cake and tea place on the way back to the hotel and it was too difficult to resist. Try the Marron cake and the fruit crepe. Oh… but it had kiwi in it – and I don’t like kiwi at all – it’s a furry fruit, and makes my tongue furry for hours and hours after that.

    The cream pies are also good – but I didn’t get a picture of that. Too excited to dig in.

    Harbs at Herbis Plaza

  • Kyoto day trip

    This is a very nice town to visit, and it’s only about 40 minutes on the train from Osaka.

    It’s got so many shops with the cutest Japanese souvenirs! I almost had to go in to every single shop! You walk uphill past these little shops towards the Kiyomizu temple.

    A picture I took of myself…

    And within the compounds of the temple – so pretty…

    Pictures of me and women dressed up as Geisha… there are outlets there providing these services for Geisha wannabes for the day.

    And a random picture – and lunch… they are famous for home made hand made tofu.

  • Osaka Day 2, Part 3 – The LAST bit about food, KAHALA Restaurant

    This restaurant only sits about 10 persons, so I truly felt special… Would I recommend this restaurant? Definitely, positively!

    This is our first dish… some stew-broth-thing with a platinum leaf floating.

    Followed by a soup dish made from this giant leaf and Japanese mozzarella. This cheese is one of the nicest cheese I’ve ever had.

    And the dishes to follow…

    Top left – 5 little bits of something, and everything was yummy except for that thing in the blue flower bowl which was some springy bouncy fish ovaries or something like that.
    Bottom left – pumpkin and leek soup.
    Middle – giant mushroom fried with toong-fun.
    Right – looks like a smiley face, is a shark fin steak.

    Then, the highlight of the evening – the chef’s signature beef dish – like teppanyaki style.

    And this is Chef Yoshifumi Mori!

    And just when you thought that is the end… YES! there is more food!

    Top left – Crab fried rice, I asked for a small bowl, but it was so good, I wished i had asked for a big bowl.
    Middle – Japanese white bean dessert, thought I’d died and gone to heaven!
    Right – Pomelo, there were 2 more pieces – but I ate that before remembering to take a photo.

    Restaurant Kahala
    Kishimoto-Bldg 2F 1-9-2
    Sonezaki-shinchi Kitaku
    Osaka City
    Tel: 06 6345 6778

  • Osaka Day 2, Part 2 – About food still, Udon

    At Miyoshiya where i had the most delicious home made hand made udon – mine’s the CURRY UDON which is their specialty dish, bottom centre picture.

    The chef has a blog and you can go look at his face… he uses his face as his shop logo.


    Tel 06.6643.2220

  • Osaka day 2, Part 1 – About more food, Takoyaki

    Just down the road from Namba Oriental Hotel (language is a big confusing thing for me that’s why i cannot remember all the names of roads and everything…) there’s this stall by the side of the road. And we just had to queue up for the fact that there were so many people doing so – it must be really good.

    After a 10 minute wait, this delicious TAKOYAKI – it’s some creamy squid ball. Real squid bits inside. And you have to eat with caution. HOT CONTENTS! After putting it in your mouth, you have to open your mouth to let the steam and heat out – then as tears come in to your eyes – you taste this amazing mix of flavors of everything.