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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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  • My 31st

    Was probably one of the most scorching days this week.

    Now officially in my 30’s… Last year – I had just turned 30.

    My birthday was only a thought at the back of my mind because I really wasn’t planning anything special.

    And I had some wonderful friends wishing me well – and this thoughtful gesture truly touched me. I guess I must be special enough to have my friends remembering my birthday. And of course there was Facebook… and I got more well wishes.

    Starting now – I am going to try to remember as many birthdays that I can and make it a point to wish all my friends!

    And my mum sent me a lovely text; “Hi. Good morning birthday girl. It’s your birthday today so how would you like to celebrate? Happy Birthday and may God bless you always. Love you always, Mummy Bean.”

    And my girlfriends, Wendy and Dawn, got me the cutest cake which they say is so ‘me’.

    And I got to speak to my favourite sister! She’s been gone for too long now – and we’ve been emailing, and today when I spoke to her (first time since she left a couple of weeks ago) I felt like I missed her even more – if that was even possible. I may have been close to tears.

    Finally – can you see what I am holding in my hands? My birthday present from Sweet V. Almost had me in tears, and I would’ve cried too if I wasn’t trying so hard to not pee my pants and faint from excitement! Multi tasking; not one of my strongest points…

    I had a real kick ass 31st!

    I am indeed truly blessed. I am so happy to have my loved ones around me, to be loved, and to have great friends.

  • Before and After

    Because of the hot weather… and he whispered in my ear, “Get it all off!!!”….

    Saturday morning:

    And Saturday afternoon:

  • Maggots and rodent hair in your peanut butter

    Yuck… I was reading this article… and did you know… the FDA approves the following contents in your food:

    Food Can contain up to…
    Canned Pineapples 20 percent positive mold tests
    Canned Tomatoes 5 fly eggs and 1 maggot per 500 grams
    Frozen Broccoli 60 mites per 100 grams
    Ground Cinnamon 400 insect fragments and 11 rodent hairs per 50 grams
    Peanut Butter 30 insect fragments and 1 rodent hair per 100 grams
    Popcorn 20 gnawed grains or 2 rodent hairs per pound
    Potato Chips 6 percent rotten chips

    Oh, yummy…

  • Twilight – with Cheeseburger

    I loved Twilight so much I went out and got all the books – and then I came across this (because I am so crazy about Twilight) which made me laugh out loud!

    Hang on Spider Monkey!

  • Me like! The Nikon D5000!

    This is going to be my next big purchase. I have always been on a look out for one of these glamorous looking high end cameras which I am convinced will help me to take breath taking snapshots that will win me awards…Actually I am just frustrated sometimes that my night time photos are kinda crappy – and my day time pictures could kick more ass… And it has nothing to do with my photography skills, or lack of.

    I came across information on this camera randomly – did a quick search on it a couple of weeks later…

    Came across this article on Digital Photography School – and a few other articles… and I am truly convinced me and and the Nikon D5000 are meant to be. We go together… Like hot chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream… Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum… Scooby and Scrappy…

    Nikon D5000 Swivel Screen dSLR


    And I promise I ‘ll try my best not to turn this blog in to a photo blog… (Not that I blog that much to begin with)