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  • Ubud Day Trip

    When my sister and I signed up to become Surf Goddeses with Surf Goddess Retreats, the package includes a day of rest, a day trip to Ubud. This is not my first time to Ubud – but certainly my first time to the Monkey Forest.

    If nature and monkeys is your cup of tea, it’s definitely worth the trip.

    I am petrified of the monkeys though… Thought it might come hiss at me, bite me, or snatch my bag… Did you know, if the monkey steals something of yours – don’t run after it. Instead wait for the handlers in charge of the forest to trade whatever the monkey took from you with a banana.

    Still – from a distance, using camera zoom I managed to get some monkey photos… And I did so holding my breath in case they thought I might be a threat to them.

    OMG! I need to re-touch my roots… And my sister looking like a cute school girl. Sweet like a chocolate sundae with extra cookie crumbles. (Crumbs?)

    Then we went to the Ubud market for some shopping.

    Look at the expert at bargaining – she knows what she wants and how much she’s going to pay for it, and nothing more! Even the owner of the shop gives her a thumbs up!

    Paid a visit to Dr Wayan – a traditional healer from the book Eat Pray Love. But she was not there – so I just took a photo of her place.

    Then we went for lunch at Kafe – they serve all foods healthy and is owned by same owner as Bali Spirit – a yoga shop.

    The food does indeed taste healthy – but it is somewhat pricey… Need to pay for the easy, relaxed, peaceful ambiance.

    Kafe is located at Jalan Hanoman 44b, Ubud – Bali.

  • Bangkok Feast… This is not a food blog…

    I just happen to be very blessed when it comes to food – and I have to share the good stuff, yes? (Though this is not helping that I have to get in to my wedding dress in 4 months! I went for my first fitting about 2 weeks ago – and just barely, I had to suck it all in and bend over to push all the breath out in me just so the zip could go up. But that is another story…)

    Dinner when we arrived at Tsu Traditional Japanese Restaurant, JW Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit. Don’t ask me why Japanese food in Bangkok. I don’t eat Sushi – but I can tell the raw fish servings are VERY generous!

    This is the stuff that I don’t eat;

    Stuff I eat – I ordered fried chicken…

    Check out the little kid diggin’ in! Gorgeous!

    Headed to China town after dinner – and believe it or not – some of us ate more!

    Black pepper and internal organs soup – or what’s left of it… I went for a walk, and this was all that was left – fine by me, since I don’t do internal organs.

    Next day lunch at China town, fish porridge. This stall has been there for 60 years – I don’t have the address, but it’s a side lane – see if you can recognise it from the pictures if you happen to be there.

    This is the chef and owner;

    Following night’s dinner at this restaurant that I would totally recommend and go back to again!
    Khrua Nai Baan
    94 Langsuan Road, Lumpini
    Pathumwan, Bangkok
    T: 0 2253 1888

    This is just for starters –

    Shark’s fin soup – not my fave, but never mind…

    We had TWO! pigs!!! ONE + ONE!

    YUM! My favourite! Crabs and prawns.

    And because I love the beef and beef ball soup – just for me!!! Special order – take away from a famous beef ball soup place;

    On our last morning in Bangkok – we went to the fruit market – bought 2 boxes of mangoes to bring home, but they were confiscated at the airport upon arrival. REMEMBER! NO MANGOES ARE ALLOWED IN TO MALAYSIA.

    And we finish off the trip with a two hour massage on the way to the airport. This is a HUGE spa, and I give it 2 thumbs up.
    Bangkok Natural Spa and Resort
    1148 soi Pattanakarn Road
    Suanluang, Bangkok
    T: 0 2319 7015 9

  • For my favourite sister the cat lover…

    My sister adopted 2 kittens named Kit and Kat… and I won’t go in to the havoc they have caused, but I came across this three rather special felines, and felt I had to share it with all cat lovers too…

    And also because it amuses me.

    Cat with wings!

    Image: Cat with “wings”

    Cat with FOUR ears… I am sure it hears better… surely it must…

    And this puddy-cat that puts Garfield to shame… 44 pounds of kitty!

  • Tokyo in TWO days! – Day 2

    After carrot and walnut muffin with cafe latte… We headed to Ginza, shopped around for a bit before sushi and sashimi lunch (yes! again!) at Matsukan Restaurant (t: 03-3455-4923).

    And I couldn’t leave Tokyo without having me some Katsu!!! So at tea time…

    Apparently the best chocolates in the world… the best he’s ever had, according to Sweet V, at USD5 each;

    And then we went to the sakae bar next door to get some sakae glasses – and because we couldn’t resist also had a glass of sakae each;

    And pre-dinner!!!

    And the best meal of the trip… I would really recommend this. It’s a small cozy place, great service with great selection of wine (so I am told, since I don’t know that much about wine). Their specialty is charcoal grilled meats.

    And these are the young talented chefs in-charge who cook for the love of food!

    Les Vinum

    Adress: 106-0031 4-8-5 1F Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Tel&Fax: 0 3 – 5 4 6 6 – 8 6 0 7 Business Hours
    Tues-Fri 18:00 – 25:30 (last order)
    Sat -Sun 17:30 – 23:30 (last order) Closed on Monday

  • Tokyo in TWO Days! – Day 1 (*note: This is not a guide to Tokyo)

    This post is late – actual date of arrival: Friday morning, 8 May 2009

    We arrived at 730am. Checked in to the hotel – got lost on the way there because the taxi driver was new to his job, checked out the bathroom, adored the bathroom! And went out for coffee…

    This is Tokyo by day;

    Had sushi and sashimi lunch… but I don’t take raw stuff (but they were still able to come up with an array of dishes that were cooked for me – sorry no pictures, but I hear the sashimi and sushi is excellent – Sushi Kaneseka Misuzu Building, B1, 8-10-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; 03 5568 4411)… so after walking around for a bit, I also had waffles and ramen.

    Dinner was at Yonemura Restaurant – and we had the tasting menu with a dozen items on it.

    As you can see, they use beautiful artsy serving bowls and plate – and there’s my fave person smiling from behind the stacked striped bowls – and since it was fusion, we used chopsticks, knife, fork and spoon.

    More food…

    And I love this wall paper!

    Tokyo by night – at 11pm the restaurants start to pack up and call it a day.