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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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  • Ritualizing gratitude – Part 2

    It took me 63 minutes to travel all of 8km, and because I was just reading an article on being grateful… I shall now say my thanks instead of going bonkers over being stuck in Friday evening traffic.

    1. Thank you for my car – at least I didn’t have to walk.
    2. Thank you car – the air conditioning was working.
    3. Thank you car radio, and radio station for playing some good tunes.
    4. Thank you bladder – you did good. At least I didn’t desperately have to pee while stuck in traffic (which seems to be the case 97% of the time).
    5. Thank you – I had a little alone time to think about absolutely nothing.
    6. Thank you for patience. I needed it.
    7. Thank you – the ride was uneventful and I arrived home safe.
    8. Thank you Tango, for the priceless doggy grin you greeted me with as soon as I drove in.
    9. Thank you Boo, for the little doggy hug you gave me as soon as I entered. I’ve never been happier to be home.
    10. Thank you – it is a Friday… and I am all ready to embrace a much deserved weekend.

    Leaving my frustrations behind – the weekend’s here. Friday nite alone – and I am just going to relax and veg out in front of the telly.


    Is this somewhat zen or what?!

  • Ritualizing gratitude

    Another thing I am posting on my blog because this is something that I want to constantly remind myself to do…

    To help me to see the good in every situation, to feel and experience gratitude. Whenever I come to an end of something, be it a meal, a holiday – I am going to silently thank the place and the people I am with for making the occassion special. Sweetening my endings and making the transtion much better.

    Thank you.

  • A potaTOAD!

    This is so funny – I couldn’t resist…

    This is what happens when you crossbreed a plant with an animal.

    See? What little amuses me?

    Unearthing a Potatoad

    For more absurd plantimals from the Telegraph.co.uk, click here.

  • I can’t find my birth certificate. How long does it take to get a new one?

    Faster than it takes to search for it. That’s how fast.

    So – I needed my birth certificate (original copy only) for wedding registration. And I had the entire household looking for it – my mum and sis… and it was nowhere to be found.

    I imagined the trip to get a birth certificate an ordeal – a mind numbing one, that would be tedious and boring. I imagined that experience to staring at a doorknob.

    So I went to the JPN in Pusat Bandar Damansara – oh, but it is only opened for passport registration.

    So I sped over to Maju Junction. 7th floor – Kelahiran and Kematian (Birth and Death) Department. I arrived at 8.30am, filled out a form, took a number. In 2 seconds, I was called to submit my form. Quick, eh?

    The lady said my new birth certificate would be ready in 60minutes – did I want to go for breakfast first? I had my magazines with me – so I said no thanks. I’ll wait. Payment required – RM5.00.

    In 30 minutes, someone hollered my name. My birth certificate was ready, and if I wanted a plastic cover – just RM2.00.

    Paid RM2.50 for first hour of parking – and I was out of there. Coolness!