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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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  • Happy Mother’s Day

    To all mothers out there – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

    You’re all incredibly awesome.

    To my mummy – to me, you’re the awesomest! I love you, and thank you for loving me.


    This is my first Mother’s Day gift, my daughter made this for me. Looking at it, I got all teary eyed. She is such a grown up now.

  • Week 20: Too cute

    Dearest Theodore,

    Sometime, about 3 weeks ago, you turned over from your back to your tummy. And now you have discovered you can flip many times back-tummy-back-tummy to move.


    You are so pleasant in nature and such a joy to be with… Every time I see your smile and hear your chuckle, I fall in love with you again.

    I didn’t know it was possible to love yet another so much. I am often overwhelmed by this feeling I have when I see you and your sister together. Oh, I even feel like that when I think of the both of you.

    Speaking of your sister, you look at her with adoring eyes. And she probably doesn’t understand yet, but she is very happy when you smile at her. And when you cry, she will pat you and say, ‘Theo, don’t cry… Theo, don’t cry… Theo, don’t cry’.

    You are still waking me up in the middle of the night… You have made me a zombie… Though for the first time last night, you actually slept through the night. Lets see how it goes tonight. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

    I love you my little man.


  • Week 16: If ever there was a smiley baby

    Dearest Theodore,

    How did your PaPa and I get so lucky? We have been blessed with another super smiley baby.

    I am so in love with your hearty chuckle. And I can never get enough of it. Even if it means I have to keep doing the same silly thing that triggered your laugh and chuckles.

    You are so pleasant in nature, and just so – relaxed. Anything goes.

    And I swear you do love the sound of my voice more than anyone else’s. Wink!

    Thank you again for showing me this wonderful thing about loving to infinity.

    Love, Mummy.


  • Month 24: Happy Birthday!

    Dearest Olivia,

    Happy Birthday my darling daughter.



    It feels just like yesterday when we celebrated your first birthday. So much has happened since and how much and fast you have grown and matured!

    Your favourite food of all time is seaweed. So we celebrated your birthday at a Japanese restaurant. You will constantly ask for seaweed all day long… You go through sheets and sheets of seaweed.

    You speak a lot now. Asking where, stating your demands, pleading (please, please, please). The number of words you know still amazes me. You can’t really say the ‘k’ sound yet… so instead of come, you say ‘tum’, instead of school you say stool. But we understand you well enough.

    Suddenly, you have become camera shy, refusing to look at the camera. As soon as I take my camera out to take your picture, you will turn away.


    Occasionally, I get lucky, and get some photos of you.


    And this is your signature smile when we tell you to smile for the camera.


    You are so much fun, and such a joy to be with… Well, most of the time. Since you can be quite demanding now.

    I love you my darling.


  • Week 12: Smiles and Chuckles

    Dearest Theodore,

    You generally have a cheerful disposition, always smiling….. And when you chuckle, you make me want to chuckle along with you – that’s how contagious your chuckle is.


    You are not the screamer like your sister was… But you are almost 3 months and you are clueless when it comes to sleeping through the night.

    You wake me up at least twice in one night. Sometimes to eat, sometimes to poop, sometimes just to have a little chat and giggle. I am a walking zombie because of you. Thank you very much.

    Ahhhh… But seeing your smiles aplenty – you make it all worth it. Now, if you would just please stay asleep at night.

    I love you my little BIG (my, my , my – how quickly you grow and outgrow your clothes!) BOY!

    Love, Mummy.