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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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  • Hawaiian Plate Lunches – another meal in Kihei

    @ Da Kitchen Express, 2439 South Kihei Road.

    Tasty and huge indeed! Since our friend always speaks fondly of Hawaiian plate lunches – we just had to try it! A bit on the salty side for me, but a nice first experience at a typical Hawaiian diner.

  • 1st Dinner in Maui, Hawaii – Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

    Service is excellent and fast – food comes within 10 minutes of ordering.

    Voted Best Sushi and Best Late Night Dining – menu consists of specialty sushi rolls, hubby had the sashimi, and he said it’s really fresh.

    We kinda lost our way on the way there cos the GPS ‘lady’ took us the long way – what should have been a 3 mile ride, ended up being 10 miles I think. The roads are generally quite dark at night too – so that’s kinda scary (doesn’t help that I don’t see to well in the dark).

    This place was busy even on a week night!

    Sansei – Kihei Town Centre, at corner of South Kihei Road near Foodland, across from Kalana Beach Park (808 879 0004)

  • Honeymoon in Hawaii…

    After many many hours on the plane – with transit in Tokyo…

    And this is our rented ride – a mustang convertible… couldn’t get one in pink though!

  • The morning my wedding gifts arrive

    11 October (as usual I am late posting)

    The arrival of my gifts Sunday morning….. Voon came with Li Ling.

    While the gifts were being sorted out, I managed to get in some family shots…..

    Lotus roots symbolising the beginning, the middle – and the end? They are tied together, signifying a pair (d-uh, what else?)- and no matter what, it’s not to be broken. We were warned many times to handle it with extreme care by my aunty Sook Chiew.

    So I have to pose with the lotus root. Like it was a trophy. I had to do it justice, but of course.

    And the whole family has to take a picture with the lotus roots too…

    Voon came with 109 boxes of wife-y biscuits, and here I am reaching out to sample some cos they smell really delicious.

    And I was told I am not even allowed to have a single crumb of it – because it’s meant as gift for my mum. I know my mum likes to share. and yet I am not allowed to touch it.

    So this is me – with no biscuits.

    Last but not least – a photo for my husband… yes, my husband now – we registered on 13/10/09.

    The photographer caught many photos of me taking photos. Hah!

  • I come home to a new house every day

    I came home today and was gobsmacked. Mum is really outdoing herself…

    Look! Eight dangly things in total!

    Look at this big ASS pot of flowers. And a set of love ducks. Or whatever they are called… but they are tied together, symbolising eternal love, togetherness-foreverness – I made that up, but it sounds about right.