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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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  • Sunset in Waikiki

    Watched the sunset at Halekulani Hotel, at the House Without A Key – had a Mai Tai that almost knocked me out while we watched Miss Hawaii doing the hula.

    Absolutely loved it!

  • Day Three in Hawaii – Lunch and Trip to Lahaina

    What we had for lunch near the Safeway where I got my very expensive antibiotics;

    Take out juice, from Jamba Juice;

    And our road trip to Lahaina starts. It’s a nice town to visit, for strolling, souvenir shopping and I think they are famous for art too as there were many art galleries.

    It’s a really small town, and parts of it reminds me of small villages in Malaysia.

    This tree doesn’t look that old to me, but it is one of the tourists attractions here.

    Some shots of the shops in Lahaina;

    And this is where we had dinner….. I can’t imagine anyone ever finishing this – ever! It’s just not possible – the food arrived, and I felt stuffed already just looking at the huge slab of meat.

  • In sickness and in health – reinforcing of wedding vows

    In beautiful Hawaii – on my honeymoon, I have a nasty throat infection. I started having the chills on our first night, slept till 2pm the next day cos I was just too sick, masked my symptoms with tylenol. This morning, I decided enough is enough – I needed antibiotics. So I went to the doctors, cost me USD136 just for consultation (confirmed diagnosis – an infection of the throat, with pus on my tonsils) , then the husband drove me to the pharmacy, and my antibiotics costs USD70.

    I think in some countries – that amount I paid, is enough for surgery…..

    Anyways, the husband is taking good care of me and being quite patient with me for being ill, and putting up with me being absolutely horrible company.

    All in beautiful Hawaii…

  • Where I ended up instead of the Maui Ocean Center…

    Still in Kihei, after lunch…

    Ptoo-ey baloney, cos the Ocean Center is for kids???!!!

    This is where my husband takes me when I said I wanted to go to the Ocean Center.
    The Kihei Kalama Village – been there, done that – completed the browsing in 7.8 minutes.