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Today is Monday September 21, 2020

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    The husband is not really in to Christmas…. I was planning to post a photo of us right here – with him in a Santa hat, while I dress up as a reindeer… I guess I was hopeful.

    Maybe next year I’ll try harder.

    And since I still wanted to give you a laugh on Christmas – I guess this will have to do for now. There’s still Santa, and there’s still a reindeer.

  • A little more sleep with EAR PUTTY

    Sleeping next to V is like being caught in a little natural disaster… rumble, rumble…. SNORE…. he is somehow able to orchestrate a thunderstorm, a gentle earthquake, a little hurricane and why not throw in a mini volcanic eruption all while he is in dreamland. I will have you know! He would kick Beethoven’s ass when it comes to putting a symphony together using just the natural elements of the world.

    When my sister said she’ll be getting me some earplugs – I did a little jig! I haven’t been able to find any other types of ear plugs apart from the bright orange foam ones. Why they make it bright orange beats me – it might get lost in your ear or something.

    When she handed me the ear plugs (EAR PUTTY SILICONE EAR PLUGS from TYCO Healthcare) – I almost kissed her feet.

    So sleep deprived I was by this point. It had been… gosh… 2 weeks… I had once read that soldiers at war went insane because of the lack of sleep… No, I am not comparing myself to the bravery of soldiers, I wouldn’t even think of that. I was just measuring my level of sleep deprivation, on a smaller scale.

    She got me two variations – the transparent ones that are whitish, and pinky transparents ones. I’ve tried them both, but I do find the pink ones softer and easier to mold to my ear. I have small ears, so I wish they were just a little smaller.

    They are much much better than the foam ones!

    God bless ear plugs. My sanity thanks them in abundance.

  • Lunch @ Les Creations de NARISAWA – Tokyo

    Autumn Collection 2009

    Before the starter… A radish served with edible soil… It’s not really soil, just made to look like soil.

    Spread for the bread – Butter will never be the same…

    Kyoto Onion, Sea Urchin:

    Mozzarella, String Beans, Aji:

    Grenouille, Autumn truffles:

    Ashe (it’s squid – top marks for the presentation, almost like magic):

    Today’s fish and Maitake mushroom:

    Langoustine, organic vegetables (I think this was my favourite, by a half point):

    Fresh water eel, mango

    SUMI 2009 –
    Beef (this black, very black block of beef):

    But pink and juicy in the middle:

    YUZU LA FRANCE – I don’t have a picture of it, because i just popped this amazing bubble thing that burst in my mouth, flooding it with the sweetest taste of orange… Wait a minute… D’uh! Oranges are not sweet!!! I meant AMAZING taste of orange… Ha ha ha…
    And there was Dessert 1 – honeymoon dessert, Dessert 2, some chocolate dessert thing that my husband can’t remember now, and Dessert 3, an array of dessert!!! endless dessert:

    After all that – I was rolling out the door, looking back – I feel stuffed all over again!

    5 stars!!!

    And be ready with plenty of time!!! Lunch will take 150 minutes!

  • Breakfast at Kihei Caffe

    Kihei was the closest place for us to go for our meals – and this is an amazing pancake. Obviously, it is impossible to finish ALL of it, fluffy as it may be.

  • Another beach photo

    This must be getting boring – but looking at this photo, I can actually hear Hawaiian music.

    This is also one of the rare photos I took when I could actually drag myself out of bed. I am still trying to get over the fact that I spent a huge amount of time in bed in Hawaii – NOT! having sex, but being sick out of my head.