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Today is Monday May 25, 2020

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  • 9 days to Christmas! Please give me your shopping list!!!

    Obviously! it is a cry for help.

    I am desperate!

    Christmas???!!! Huh?

    So… if you have a shopping list – please send it to me – I need to copy your list!

    Please feel sorry for those closest to me that will not be feeling the spirit of lovin’ and givin’ cos I have no presents for them.

    So pathetic!

  • Not even close to feeling Christmas-sy

    It’s 16 days to Christmas – and I have not even attempted Christmas shopping. And for some reason, I am not really feeling the cheer of Christmas yet.

    Bah! Humbug!

    Maybe – there’s just so much going on and so little time to get round to getting everything done. And everything else just seems to be a priority over feeling Christmas-sy.

    I seriously need to start working on my Christmas list soon!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

  • 100 roses later…

    A proposal!

    I said, ‘YES!’.

    And I am engaged!


    It’s true! I.AM.ENGAGED!

    Date of proposal:18 October 2008 (cause for delayed post – too excited)
    Time: Dinner time
    Place: An Italian restaurant

    He called to say we were going to have dinner with his friends. And asked me if I would like to go for Italian. If I wanted to have Italian. If I was ok to have Italian.

    He checked with me 3 times if I wanted to have Italian, and I was ‘hmmmm…’ He checked 3 times? THREE times? And the first question that came to mind for me to ask him was – Do we have to go watch football after dinner?

    He laughs and says, ‘No, and what’s wrong with football?’

    I was so convinced we were going to watch football.

    He comes pick me up 10 minutes early… With flowers! Huge bouquet of roses – and these are my flowers.

    We leave for dinner – and his friends had canceled dinner. Hah! I have him all to myself.

    Before dinner arrived I wanted to hold hands. I am a great fan of holding hands. He’s got these amazing hands that seem to be just the right size when they close around my hands.

    At dinner, having nice wine, linguine with clams and zucchini, and sausage. And as we were finishing dinner, I wanted to hold hands again. Ha ha ha… More so because he’s so NOT a fan of holding hands, but always gives in to me, and indulges me in a few seconds of hand holding.

    I am just enjoying myself in the moment, chatting, when he says to me – Shall we get married next year?

    Only for a split second I was stunned, and I went on to talk about my morning visit to the ObGyn, and how the doctor was telling me about getting a vaccination for cervical cancer, the statistics of fertility rates vs age, blah, blah, blah…

    Suddenly – it all made sense – my light bulb lit up! Ding! But I checked with him just to confirm if he’d really asked me to marry him… No, I don’t want an award for being dense… But I finally understood what he was asking me.

    Of course I said – YES!

    He has made me SO happy! He makes me so happy!

    This is the man that I see myself spending the rest of my life with. He is the man that I love and adore.

    When he smiles… It makes me smile, warms my heart – and all I wanna do is hug him. When he laughs, I can’t help but to laugh with him and I have to stop myself from dashing across the room to cuddle him.

    I miss him when he’s not around – and each time I see him after a long week, all I wanna do is give him a big hug, then curl up in his pocket and stay there because I’ve missed him so much.

    I love him, and everything about him… and there’s the hand holding, of course… How he is so patient with me – because I am so slow sometimes ( I take ages to get ready for anything)… How he gives in to me – a lot… and how he instinctively just reaches for me when he wakes. And he’s the man that can just let me ramble on and on to myself about nothing at all, and not say anything?

    I love being with this man, having him around me.

    I am smitten. So in love – and have been for a long time. And now I am on the top of the world!

  • Archipelago Sweet Pea Soy Candle


    I would like to tell the whole world why I am putting this picture here….. But I won’t!

    Ha ha ha….. Because I am irritating in that way!

    But it smells like the most delicious thing – It just makes me want to slice a bit off it, and take a nibble. Same way I would eat cheese.

    Oh – and it burns up to 90 hours.

  • Friday Night

    Mum’s in Penang, fave sister has gone sailing, and the bf is out of town.

    What’s a girl gotta do?

    Boston Legal

    Wahhh!!! I like! so much Boston Legal, and even more Alan Shore! But you have got to watch it to know what I mean. In not so many words (I am lost for words because it is a Friday night after a long week) – it’s absolutely hilarious, witty and very entertaining.

    And then I came across this article about “How Free is Free-Range” and I felt ALL of EE-YEW!!! And GROSS!!! And then sad all at once.

    Did you know??!!! That a chicken can live up to 10 years but we slaughter them at the age of 1 to 2 because they are not fertile anymore? The male chickens because they don’t produce eggs are slaughtered at an even younger age! Via selective breeding and growth stimulating drugs, a chicken can be full sized in less than TWO months! But full sized only in body where the meat is. Their hearts and lungs don’t develop fast enough and many die from diseases. As if that is not bad enough, their structure doesn’t grow fast enough either so they all have leg disorders! YUCK! So much for chicken drumsticks.

    I am not even going to start on the cows and pigs and sheep because that is just too depressing. This weekend – I think I’ll only eat fruits and vegetables.

    WOO-HOO!!! It’s going to be a long weekend!

    Selamat Hari Merdeka!

    Malaysia is celebrating 51 years of independence.